Ensuring the IT Buy-In for Video

Clarity and compromise are key

The following is an excerpt from a somewhat fictional conversation between a director of IT and a director of security.

“You want to do what? So let me get this straight—you want to monitor 400 cameras over the network at 30 frames per second at 4 CIF? And you want to do this for how long? Do you have any idea how much bandwidth and storage that will take?”

The director of security, wishing to sound at least somewhat “up” on technology, utters a noise that sounds vaguely like “…petabytes?” but his voice trails off as he notices that the meeting is not going well. The room falls silent, apart from the angry buzzing emanating from the IT director’s head.

It may sound over the top, but this type of interaction isn’t far from what often happens when the security director approaches IT about putting video on the corporate network. As the shift continues unabated toward a more converged environment, the IT and physical security worlds are expected to coexist, whether they like it or not.

Start With a Strong Business Case

Before approaching IT with a proposal to run video over the network, ask yourself a fundamental question: Do I have a sound, supportable and metrics-based business or operational reason to transmit video over the network? For instance, would it allow for more operational efficiency in order to better service clients? Would it be more cost effective than adding more cameras onto the existing CCTV system?

Having this basic supportive information at hand will make the initial meeting with IT easier and show them that your proposal is based on more than a vague impression that it would be a good idea. You must show IT that the plan is based on a business case that has been derived from proper research and reliable, empirical information.

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