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Getting The Big Picture On Storage, Security, Connectivity & Bandwidth

DriveTrust, secure hard drives are as easy to install and operate as standard drives. The DriveTrust software developer kit (SDK) includes the documentation and tools necessary to build DriveTrust technology-enabled applications such as access controls needed to manage encryption keys, passwords and other forms of authentication for large deployments.

Seagate currently offers a hard disc drive family featuring DriveTrust Technology, the DB35 Series for digital video recorders (DVRs) and other digital entertainment devices. In the first quarter of calendar 2007, Seagate plans to introduce Momentus 5400 FDE.2 for notebook computers,

The Metro Grid

ClearMesh Networks' new wireless optical mesh solution is capable of aggregating hundreds of video streams across a reliable mesh topology – spanning a campus, business park or metropolitan area- for almost no cost at all. IT applications, including internet access, primarily generate only ‘downstream' traffic on the network. Surveillance video traffic, on the other hand, is purely an ‘upstream' application, terminating the video streams at a central security facility. Hence, in most cases one of these applications ‘rides for free' on the mesh. The ClearMesh 300 nodes integrate wireless optical transmission with mesh networking capability based on open LAN switching standards.

The ClearMesh Metro Grid can consist of hundreds of CM 300 nodes, and is managed from a central NOC location with the carrier-class ClearMesh Management System (CMS). The CMS provides scalable element management support for large deployments, as well as mesh oriented end-to-end monitoring, diagnostics and configuration capabilities – making the “over-the-air” operation of the entire Metro Grid easy. The ClearMesh Metro Grid solution integrates standards-based LAN switching technology with wireless optical transmission capable of distributing gigabits of business-grade LAN service capacity across metropolitan areas.

DVR with Immense Storage

The DX8100 digital video recorder is an innovative, easy-to-operate unit that delivers high-quality images. It offers an immense storage capacity and a competitive price. The DX8100 is completely interoperable with the existing DX8000 and also features a new optional 16-channel expansion module for enhanced flexibility–making it cost-effective to add cameras as security needs grow. It comes with a number of added features that improve network capabilities such as a Gigabit Ethernet port and improved bandwidth throttling capabilities. It continues to provide server-to-server capabilities, permitting multiple connection options, multi-event recording and online help and support.