Leaders In Access Control

An Exlusive Security Dealer Roundtable

In these integrated systems, the video r endering is typically embedded in the access control software platform, which in turn allows for seamless video and access capabilities from a single front end. It also enables the tagging of access events with associated video clips, which provide the operator with a comprehensive view of any event or incident.

Chlimper: The biggest increase in functionality deals with having the ability to “see” what happens; whether this is viewing an event that happened (recorded) or verifying an even as it is happening. The bigger question is who owns this integration. Is it the access control system or the CCTV system; the answer varies depending on who you talk to.

Peterson: Although integration of access control and video is not new to the security marketplace, the increased use of open standards and IP convergence has increased the capabilities and effectiveness of such integrations. Standards-based field devices at the “edge” of the IT network allow for the selection of the most appropriate IP camera or network access control reader versus the limited options provided by outdated proprietary systems. Being deployed on the network backbone has decreased the costs associated with installation since separate, proprietary cabling infrastructure is eliminated. Being deployed on a common network platform has created an environment where video and access control data can be shared much more effectively because it is no longer limited by the silo-type configuration of more proprietary systems.

One of the most important aspects of today's integration of video and access control is the improved deployment of a single, common graphical user interface (GUI) for the configuration, administration, management and monitoring operations of the security management technology solution. These applications leverage today's trend towards open standards capabilities of devices and subsystems by bringing them into a common operational environment that improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the security solution.

Now security operations can more easily get a comprehensive real-time snapshot of all security devices and their status. The linking of video display and monitoring based upon specific access events allows monitoring personnel to be more attentive to relevant security concerns rather than attempting to identify a single security event on a wall of video monitors. The linking of video data with access data has also improved post-event investigations since personnel can obtain video, access control and intrusion data from a single archived file. Video and access control integration now provides users with a great deal more choice and flexibility in order to customize the technology solution with the unique attributes of their security operation.