The Top 10 Movers & Shakers of 2006

Welcome to our first annual listing of the year's Top 10 Movers & Shakers in security. In the past 12 months, remarkable numbers of security professionals have distinguished themselves, advancing education, technology and best practices in every...

As a co-founder of Axis with with Mikael Karlsson, Martin Gren's vision has significantly impacted the security surveillance industry. He was an engineer and entrepreneur when Axis was born in 1984, and since then Mr. Gren's brainchild has become a leader in the network video market. With him at the helm serving on the board of Axis AB , Axis Communications' parent company, Axis has continued to introduce quality network video products that catch the industry's attention. Mr. Gren has had an executive and operative role in establishing many of Axis' new businesses and flagship products in Europe, Asia and the United States .

The company has won several industry accolades this year. The AXIS 214 PTZ Network Camera won the Product Achievement Award for a Digital Video Device in the 2006 ISC West New Product Showcase competition, the AXIS 225FD Fixed Dome Network Camera received both the PC PRO Recommended award and the SecuTech Award in 2006, and AXIS 212 PTZ won the Detektor International Best CCTV Product Award in September. In addition, Axis was presented Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Award for Market Penetration Leadership in network video.

Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications, said of Mr. Gren, “Martin has incredible enthusiasm and passion for product research and development. His ability to understand market needs, as well as technology capabilities, has enabled him to continuously invent groundbreaking products for Axis over the past 20 years.”

Ray Bernard
President, RBCS Inc.

As a security consultant and a writer, Ray Bernard has provided pivotal direction in the security and building automation industries for more than 20 years. Mr. Bernard's security consulting clients include Fortune 500 companies, international airports, sports stadiums, corporate and municipal data centers, government facilities, global enterprises, nuclear facilities, and multiple-tower high-rise buildings. Mr. Bernard most often helps clients establish security programs that include ongoing security process improvement and helps them leverage the opportunities that security convergence provides at both the technology and security management levels. He also consults informally with companies and organizations concerned about their security proposals and helps to set them on the track to successful projects.

His visionary insights into the operational aspects of security and technology enable him to identify trends at their inception. He knows that people apply technology, and that it's the people side of the equation that makes it all work. Mr. Bernard was one of the earliest voices of convergence and was the first person to identify the full spectrum of convergence and its impacts on the security industry and security professionals. That's why we at Security Technology & Design asked him three years ago to write regularly for us on the subject. Since then, he's become our trusted expert on convergence and trends.

In the past year, Mr. Bernard has ramped up his educational activity even further, both in the magazine with his monthly Convergence Q&A column, and beyond. He is a sought-after speaker for security conferences and industry briefings. This year he's spoken at numerous ASIS events, including the annual conference, numerous regional SecureWorld Expos, BuilConn 2006, CardTech-SecurTech, and other events.

This year Mr. Bernard also founded “The Security Minute” electronic newsletter, the first newsletter for security practitioners and stakeholders—the people involved in making or approving security decisions, policy, plans and expenditures.

Mark W. Farino
General Manager, Converged Secure Infrastructure, Cisco Systems Inc.

One of the most talked-about entrants into the physical security market this year was Cisco Systems, which leapt onto the scene in March with the acquisition of network video solutions provider Sy Pixx. The move was a part of Cisco's relatively new focus on developing solutions to create what they call the Intelligent Converged Environment (ICE), a framework in which the network is the intelligent foundation for new security applications. Cisco advanced that vision even further when they announced a collaboration with Assa Abloy at ASIS in September; the companies are joining their technologies to create a “networked door.”

Kevin Beaver, principal information security consultant of Principle Logic, LLC, noted that Cisco's entrance into physical security will bring positive visibility to the field. “It's one thing to have a lot of smaller players in the convergence market, but quite another to have a company like Cisco,” he said.