The Top 10 Movers & Shakers of 2006

Welcome to our first annual listing of the year's Top 10 Movers & Shakers in security. In the past 12 months, remarkable numbers of security professionals have distinguished themselves, advancing education, technology and best practices in every...

One of the driving forces behind Cisco's Converged Secure Infrastructure Business Unit (CSIBU), the division responsible for these physical forays, is General Manager Mark Farino. He created the CSIBU in 2004, and since then he has built a cross-functional team dedicated to designing, building, delivering and servicing solutions for TCP/IP-based physical security applications. Mr. Farino has been responsible for developing and delivering Cisco technology at different levels since he first joined Cisco in 1992 as a corporate business development manager.

“Mark Farino has been instrumental in strategizing and driving Cisco's foray into the converged security arena,” said Marthin DeBeer, vice president of Cisco's Emerging Markets & Technology Group. “He has been, and will continue to be, increasingly influential in evolving the progressive thinking and application of corporate security for businesses around the world. This evolution leverages the strengths of physical and information security in a coordinated, collaborative approach that makes corporate security more agile, efficient, and all-encompassing.”

George Campbell
Emeritus Faculty, Founding Member, CSO Executive Council; Principal, Business Security Advisory Group

Since he retired as CSO of Fidelity Investments in 2002, George Campbell has dedicated himself to sharing a lifetime of lessons learned in the successful leadership of security organizations. In the past four years he has acted as president and board member of the International Security Management Association (2003), as well as managing partner of the Business Security Advisory Group (BSAG). He is a frequent contributor to online and print security publications through articles, interviews and webinars. His writings have been presented this year at the SecureWorld expo, and he spoke at the 2006 CSO Perspectives Conference in California in March.

Mr. Campbell was a founding faculty member of the CSO Executive Council at its launch last year, and throughout 2006 he has used this forum to advance the understanding and use of strong security metrics to prove the business value of security programs. The Executive Council is a membership organization for leading senior security executives that focuses on developing and providing tools to help corporate security management improve their responses to business and security challenges.

This year, in partnership with the CSO Executive Council, Mr. Campbell published a book called “Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security: Communicating Business Value,” which has been purchased by security professionals in 17 countries on four continents. It is currently being evaluated by some of the nation's leading universities for use in security and homeland security degree programs.

Bob Hayes, CSO and executive director of the CSO Executive Council, said, “In his new book, not only has (Mr. Campbell) identified for the first time 375 metrics and measurements regarding all aspects of security, he is currently in the process of creating executive presentations and board-level comments on each metric. This groundbreaking work will change management's expectations of how the security industry should communicate value, while enabling security professionals to meet management's new requirements.”