The Final Chapter for PTZ?

Why high-definition video delivers more than just a pretty picture

When Will The Final Curtain Fall?
We are at a point in the technology curve now where substituting megapixel cameras for PTZ control can be not only more functional, but less expensive in many installations. Still, not every site or even every location on a site needs megapixel performance. What is clear, however, is that camera resolution is improving, network speed is increasing and storage costs are dropping — all at a remarkable pace. The outlook for PTZ controls, on the other hand, holds out no signs of decreased costs or breakthrough functionality, which makes the future apparent. “We will see fewer and fewer requirements for traditional PTZ,” Calderon says.

Rich Anderson is the president of Phare Consulting, a firm providing technology and growth strategies for the security industry. A 25-year veteran of high tech electronics, Mr. Anderson previously served as the VP of Marketing for GE Security and the VP of Engineering for CASI-RUSCO. He can be reached at