Time to Make the Donuts Secure

Ever Santana has Solved Unique Retail Security Problems with an Integrated Security, Surveillance and Access Control System at Multiple Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

The Cost of a Dozen Donuts
As vice president of Operations, Santana focuses like a laser on cutting costs, improving productivity and enhancing revenues. “We deal with small margins in this business. We’re always thinking about the factors to keep our cost of a dozen donuts as low as we can.” Two years ago, Santana probably saw little connection between his relatively limited security system and the cost of a dozen donuts.
Today, DD Franchise Group and its integrator partner, Professional Security Technologies, have installed integrated security packages in about 10 retail locations and the central bakery. At the center of each security system is Brivo ACS WebService, which is used both for access control, and as a highly effective management tool to improve operational efficiency, cut waste, protect against liability, deter theft and improve employee training.
“I knew what I wanted to accomplish, I just didn’t know how to get there,” Santana says. It was Bill Brenner, vice president of Professional Security, and his team’s job to help Santana get where he wanted to go. Santana had some cameras, DVRs and limited electronic access control, and he wanted to standardize on a number of key systems so that one store’s security system could be operated just like any other store.

An Integrated Security Plan for Each Location
“Security starts right at the front door with customers entering,” Brenner explains, “Point-of-sale activity, customer-service areas and dining areas are all captured with dome and mini-dome cameras.” There is also internal and external video of the drive-up window and coverage of food preparation areas, production areas, the manager’s office and the rear door. Each location has between 14 and 16 cameras. The Brivo system covers the back door for deliveries and the manager’s door for strict access management. In each location, Brivo access control is integrated with Speco DVRs. As Santana puts it, “The video was a marriage that evolved over time — how do we see the events that the Brivo system is giving us data on? It was a natural progression.”
The natural progression of the relationship between the DD Franchise Group and Professional Security is such that after one year Brenner has developed a standard integrated security package of cameras, access control, DVR, alarms, hold-up button and other equipment for each Dunkin’ Donuts location. “The technology at each location is the same, but each package is then modified to fit the configuration and needs of each location,” Brenner explains. Video is recorded and monitored in the manager’s office and the Brivo data is transmitted wirelessly, so as not to intrude on the company’s secure network used to send sales and inventory data to Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters.
At the central bakery, or “kitchen” as Santana likes to call it, the Brivo system covers 15 doors, including 10 truck delivery bay doors and internal doors for the cafeteria, restrooms and the administrative offices. Seventeen cameras cover the entire 25,000-square-foot donut-making facility and are monitored in the office on premises.

It Only Starts with Security
The motivation for the plan that would become an integrated security package started at the kitchen with Santana’s drive for better security. When Brenner introduced Brivo, Santana immediately saw potential, “I saw a lot of value in the retail end, but immediately here at the kitchen. With a large number of employees, 10 bay doors and a lot of people coming in and out — I wanted to know who is in this building at all times, from a security standpoint, management standpoint and insurance standpoint.” That was easy enough. Then he asked for more.
“I’ve got a vending guy who comes in at different times,” Santana says. “If we fit him with a key fob, he can access where he needs to go, I don’t need to have anyone here, but he can only go where I want him to go.” Soon, all the different professionals and outside delivery personnel had access fobs that recorded their entry and exit, limited their access to only where they needed to go, and no one on staff needed to let them in or monitor them closely.
In addition to service providers, bakery management wanted to better monitor and manage their production staff. The Brivo system monitors access to the cafeteria and the restrooms, as well as the door to the biometric time-and-attendance device for clocking in. Now management has valuable data. “We use it as a very effective productivity tool,” Santana says. “We can easily see, and run reports on, the number of times specific doors are opened, by who and when. We know where our employees are, and particularly in the bakery, how they are moving about the facility doing their jobs. With the data we collect, we can improve operations with targeted training and feedback.”
Similarly, Santana has a record of all truck activity arriving and leaving the kitchen as they make their way in delivering donuts twice a day to their retail outlets.