Connecting With Communications

The Issues and Solutions Go Beyond Alarm Reporting

GE Security’s Simon 3 GSM Cellular Module adds cellular communication capability to the residential Simon security system. This module fits within the existing Simon 3 housing. A joint offering from GE Security and, the cellular module can be used as a backup if telephone service is not available or as a primary reporting device over digital cellular networks. Since the Simon Cellular Module is wireless, it is not vulnerable to phone line or Internet connection failures. With its built-in power management algorithm, both the module and the Simon control panel can operate for over 24 hours during a power outage.

Integration of the Cellular Module extends to the Simon keypad. It provides simple diagnostics on the panel, making module troubleshooting easy. Sensor names, groups, panel options and more can be configured, both remotely and wirelessly. For more information, visit

Talk-A-Phone’s 8-Channel Voice over IP Interface Unit allows emergency phones to be used wirelessly over an Internet Protocol data network and integrates seamlessly with existing VoIP phone systems. The VoIP units are used to update safety and security in both campuses and facilities, and provide the best solution for connecting remote facilities such as parking lots to central security command centers when physical barriers or federal regulations prevent wire connections.
The VoIP-8 supports all major VoIP protocols and accommodates up to eight emergency phones. It operates on Ethernet connectivity and has full IP compatibility with existing routers and WAN infrastructures. The unit is equipped with industry-standard voice prioritization as well as echo cancellation and jitter buffer to ensure top-quality connection. In cases of IP network failure, the unit can be configured to temporarily divert calls to PSTN or PBX. For more information, visit

WIRELESS SOLUTION has formed a marketing alliance with Internet phone service provider SunRocket.’s completely wireless coverage and web-enabled monitoring offers a truly wireless solution for surveillance and security. offers a web dashboard, so the status of a property can be checked or programmed at any time via the Internet, and alerts can be sent via email to a mobile phone or PDA. Additionally, wireless sensors keep real-time tabs on doors and windows but can also monitor activity on, for instance, the cash drawer or medicine cabinet.
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