An Open And Shut Case

Access Control Issues With Gate Installs

A hands-free intercom station would be situated out at the gate location. The intercom was controlled from within the building, by the guard. A motion sensor would be used to alert the guard that a vehicle was approaching, and to trigger the plate capture camera. There was also a possibility that the intercom and video surveillance capabilities would later be expanded to other locations within the facility.

The products used in this install totally met our client’s requirements. They are:

• The ALTRONIX AL600ULXB is a power supply /charger that converts a 115VAC 60 Hz input into a 6 Amp 12 or 24VDC non-power limited output.

• The Cypress DPX 7000 is a Dual Supervised Reader Extender which allows the connection of 2 readers and associated devices (relays, REX, door position sensors) up to 10,000 feet form the controller using only two conductors.

• The EXTREME CCTV REG-L1, featuring DHC-Imaging, delivers advanced performance license plate capture for technical surveillance and represents the third generation of license plate capture solutions from Extreme CCTV. Combining Extreme’s latest proprietary technology, DHC-Imaging integrates advances in optics, infrared illumination and Ambient Rejection technology to produce high contrast license plate images characterized by unmatched clarity.
Using solid-state Metaphase-LEDs, REG-L1 achieves an operational range from 12ft to 75ft, previously unattainable for any LED-based capture system. Combined with Extreme’s Ambient Rejection technology, REG-L1 provides high-contrast license plate capture across the complete spectrum of ambient lighting conditions from total darkness to direct glare from sunlight or high-beams.

Consisting of a 1/2” LXR CCD, the high speed optical engine within DHC-Imaging captures plates from vehicles moving up to 100mph (160kph). REG-L1’s breakthrough speed capability now enables effective license plate capture for highway and other high speed applications.
Additionally, DHC-Imaging has capture capability for not only conventional plates but also Digital License Plates (DLPs). REG-L1 is housed in a weather-sealed unit compliant to NEMA4, proven for successful application in extreme environments.

The high-efficiency Metaphase-LED array eliminates the need for routine bulb changes while consuming an average of only 24 watts, allowing REG-L1 to operate at either 12VDC or 24VAC. REG-L1 integrates seamlessly with industry standard DVRs, IPvideo servers and wireless broad equipment. The DHC-Imaging technology is precision engineered to deliver high-contrast images for in intelligent software platform such as REG-ALERT for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) applications.

• HID MaxiProx 125 kHz Long Range Proximity Card Reader is a self-contained proximity reader. The two-piece polycarbonate enclosure has an O-ring that weather seals the enclosure pieces together and a cable fitting that seals the cable entry. The water-resistant unit is designed for outdoor use. The enclosure is mountable on a single gang electrical box. A bi-color LED and audible tone provides user feedback.

Configurable open collector data outputs provide the data to the Host. Configurable DIPswitches and jumpers provide choice of data interfaces between Wiegand, Clock and Data, RS-232 and RS-422. The data interface is configured as ordered from the factory, but can be altered in the field.
A tamper switch can alert the Host when the enclosure is opened. Internal DIP switches and jumpers provide for configuration of the outputs, audible tone and LED control options. Installation of the MaxiProx Reader consists of mounting, connecting the cable to the Host and +12VDC or +24VDC power, verifying the DIPswitch and jumper settings, verifying Autotune, and verifying the reading of a transponder.
It features a long read range distance and Autotune allows read range to be maintained within four inches of metal. Wiegand, Clock-and-Data, RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 output modes are configurable. “Parking hold” feature ensures accurate detection of vehicles in parking lanes.

• The PACH Double Vertical Arms Direct Burial Pedestal Mounting Post Model APMDB2 is a double vertical arms direct burial pedestal mounting post for pedestrian, auto and semi-trucks for card readers, keypads, control panels, etc. It features hollow tube for cable pass thru construction: 12-gauge cold rolled steel construction and triple coated rust proof enamel finish.