Searching for ROI

Video Analytics is a hot technology, but can your investment provide a financial payback?

Keys to Success

The three successful examples have several common factors:

* Solution-oriented: In each case, the analytics are one component of an overall system to solve a particular problem. The analytics are embedded with alarm/event management systems, remote video monitoring, recording and database systems to provide an overall solution.

* Camera Placement: Effective camera selection and placement is critical to provide the appropriate optics to reduce false positives and improve reliability.

* Configuration and customization: In all of the examples, the manufacturer was involved in tuning the configuration and algorithms to improve reliability. Make sure you have a capable integrator and the support of the product's manufacturer to properly configure and tune the system.

Tom Galvin is a network video specialist for NetVideo Consulting ( ) . NetVideo Consulting provides product evaluations, training programs and software tools to enable successful networked video solutions. Galvin recently published a competitive study of open-architecture video management software products.