Convergence Is An Absolute Essential

Dear Readers:

IP and IT technology is hear to stay. Like all technology that has been introduced into the security industry, it is finding its place among the dealers who want to get into that market. The industry is doing a good job of addressing IP training for dealers. Excellent classes are underway, equipping dealers with the tools to understand IP technology. For these dealers who are now educated, it is time to make sure all your customers are aware of your new abilities. Change any perceptions they may have that it's an IT person's job, instead of yours.

IP is not the future, It's the now. The reasons why became clear to me after attending a presentation called, “Physical Security Meets IP and IT,” by Nicholas Samanich, ADT director of strategic product planning. “Connectivity opens up significant new application opportunities including business operations,” he says.

Samanich broke out the benefits of convergence in the following manner. Convergence allows for:


— a cohesive edge network

— common physical and logical security

— seamless ties to business applications


— mix and match

— plug and play

— upgrade and enhance systems


—an opportunity to create more distributed centralized security.


— reductions in labor

— reduced need for training


— new operational applications

— extends devices you have access to

— expands service offerings

With network technology you can direct communications where you need them in a cohesive and effective solution. All too often in the tragedies that have occurred of late, at Virginia Tech or even going back to 9/11, communications break down. With an IP system in place as Samanich describes with mobile DVRs, wireless mesh network, mobile content delivery and incident response systems, all operating over the network, crisis management can be more effectively handled.