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New Offerings Blend Technology And Better Management Methods

Photo ID will continue to dominate the authentication markets, especially for access control. This is in part due to the government's move to standardized identification credentials for which cards are perfect. The problems that have occurred during the rollout of a nationally standardized ID depicts the same sequence of events which occur in most rollouts and new system deployments at any level of security or scale of deployment. These include: delays in implementing hardware; multiple technologies required; legacy systems already in place; and that old “Play It Again Sam” favorite: cost.

The fact is that a photo ID credential can be implemented into any level of security system, and the individual's image on it, empowers every employee in an enterprise to participate in and assist in the enforcement of their organization's security policy. That is what it takes to keep a place safe, making it everyone's concern.

Photo IDs fit any scenario and add professionalism and ethicality to any security management system. You don't need a database to immediately verify if a person is in possession of the proper credential. An image of the individual on a secure credential is second only to a biometric template but can be vastly more practical and ergonomic.

Credentials and photo IDs fall right into the evolution of security and authentication, even while flash and thumb drives are gaining ground in some markets. Systems are requiring multiple factor authentication, using multiple technology credentials with systems equipped to manage a variety of credential protocols. Even the most basic access control offers two factors, and many facilities are expanding their access control systems with multiple technologies and cross platforming databases.

There are considerations to be made with respect to throughput, reliability and cost when selecting credential technologies and our look at identity management tools will help you better select and advise your customers make an informed choice.

Merging Creates New Identity

HID Identity, a new organization offering a comprehensive set of solutions for the deployment of contact and contactless smart card-based identity credentials, combines AccessID, a leading custom security card solutions provider, and Synercard, a developer of critically acclaimed photo ID card and application control software. The new organization is designed to help streamline and simplify the acquisition and issuance of access control and multi-application credentials. HID Identity wants to achieve an important identity management goal: issuing a single secure credential that links the enterprise's diverse set of applications.

By merging AccessID and Synercard, HID Global has combined specialists in the design and manufacture of secure access control and identity credentials with experts in the design and development of software used to personalize, provision and issue credentials.

HID Identity will offer its suite of solutions to dealer integrators to present to your customer channel. The organization will also leverage HID Global's Fargo embedded/encoded printer solutions, along with its valued reputation as the “Trusted Advisor” and its worldwide network of more than 100 application solutions partners.

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ID Spoken Here

With a new organization firmly in place, Brady People ID, manufacturer of visitor management, employee badging and attachments/accessories is taking a clear position as a full-service source for identification. Bill Kieckhafer, Brady Corporation, concurs, “Our overall line of products is designed to provide every element of people identification.”

The company offers the industry's most complete line of identification products and solutions, including TEMPbadge Time Expiring Badges, which allow security personnel to issue badges based on specific time durations for visitors, contractors and temporary employees with instant verification of security status.

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