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New Offerings Blend Technology And Better Management Methods

Additionally, Brady People ID offers CardHolder badging accessories ranging from lanyards and badge holders to retractable reels, as well as an array of leading manufacturers' printers, including Zebra, Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, Datacard and Nisca. Brady People ID is also the source for PassagePoint Visitor Management Software, including the innovative PassagePoint EDU designed specifically for education applications.

“While we are focused on being the industry's top ID products company, dealer support is also of primary importance to us,” states Kieckhafer. “We offer myriad printed and web-based marketing communications materials in addition to a host of programs for our authorized dealers. We have also increased our presence in the field with a larger direct sales force, to assist dealers in any way we can with the Brady People ID product line.”

An innovative new employee ID badge holder from the company is designed to prevent unauthorized data skimming of embedded information. The new Secure Badgeholder provides a shield against unauthorized access to contactless information stored on PIV cards, CAC cards, and other contactless smartcard applications.

Gone are the days of skimming information from contactless smart cards, according to Kieckhafer. A patent-pending rigid badge holder, the Secure Badgeholder affords privacy protection by providing a barrier to unknown or unauthorized wireless communications through the contactless interface found on many smart cards today. Secure Badgeholder is also designed to allow card reading without the need to remove the card. By squeezing the activation tabs, the card is able to communicate with a reader. As soon as the tabs are released the smart card is shielded again. The wearer controls who reads the card and when it is read.

Brady People ID's Secure Badgeholder is also designed to hold the PIV card securely in place, yet allows easy, one-handed removal of the card from the badge holder when necessary. The Secure Badgeholder protects the card and is weather- and water- resistant.

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Evolving Technology

IDenticard Systems is a specialist in integrated hardware and software solutions for biometric security identification and access control whose mission is to make every facility safer. IDenticard's line of systems products that include custom-designed laminated ID cards, PVC, smart cards, laminators, ID card printers, cameras, bar code and biometric readers.

I Denticard makes product sourcing easy and convenient. In addition, the company's system solutions are fully upgradeable to meet changing security needs.

IDenticard's wide array of choices in custom-printed security ID cards includes special applications designed to protect against unauthorized alteration or copying. The cards can store multiple technologies for maximum security management. IDenticard's new and innovative expressionsID and its flexible IVIS Plus digital imaging systems can accommodate virtually any level of card demand and can be upgraded as security needs grow, assuring no loss of initial investment.

“Our line of access control and biometric solutions is continually evolving with the advent of new technologies that result in the introduction of exciting products like expressionsID,” says Robert Hager, general manager, IDenticard Systems.

A key feature of expressionsID is the exclusive record navigator, which provides folder-based management of cardholder records, allowing the user to custom configure records to display in groups for fast, simultaneous viewing and eliminate tedious, record-by-record searches. The software features drag and drop design, making it easy to customize screens and cards and save them as new designs. There is also a default database and stylish design templates.

expressionsID makes it possible to take advantage of multiple card technologies, including mag stripe encoding, bar code or biometric data. Single or multiple cards can be encoded for photo ID, access control, time and attendance, and assorted applications such as vending, debit or library transactions.

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