What Video Synopsis Means to Integrators

Tool for rapid video review adds value to surveillance deployments

- Routine review: Total Video Review (TVR) can process all footage at the beginning and/or end of each shift.
- Security breaches: Live or recorded, the technology can be used to monitor suspicious activity in near real-time or post-event investigation that can be conducted in minutes, rather than hours.
- Suspicious behavior: Routine daily review of CCTV footage engages human operators and leverages their intelligence, instinct and experience in identifying suspicious behavior patterns and individuals.
- Dead zones: Cameras monitoring these areas are seldom watched (research has shown that operators tend to monitor busy areas only), yet it is these quiet, out-of-the-way places where crimes often occur. Regular monitoring of such quiet or "Dead Zones" using Video Synopsis can result in the discovery of activities that had, up until that point, evaded exposure.
- Quick lockdown: Security breaches or children gone missing often result in lockdown situation in which no one is allowed entry or exit to the premises. BriefCam Video Synopsis can speed up the process by allowing rapid review from relevant cameras in minutes, rather than hours, enabling effective localized real-time action.
- Warehouse monitoring: CCTV is standard for warehouse monitoring. However, watching the vast amounts of video footage generated daily is an almost insurmountable task, and most events are investigated only after the fact. Routine use of Video Synopsis on each shift enables previously unknown events to be revealed. In case of a real-time event, on-the-spot review enables informed decisions to be made and acted upon.
- Slip and fall claims: Accidents resulting from persons slipping and falling can result in lawsuits costing millions. If aid is provided within the first few minutes of the accident, clients will often not press charges, resulting in a clear savings and ROI.

BriefCam's vision for the future is to make TVR part of the daily security routine, so all events can be reviewed in full at the beginning or end of each shift-and that means all of them, not just the unusual ones.

Partnering with leading video management software manufacturers, an integrated version called VS Online allows users to review recorded video on the spot. It also markets an offline version, called VS Forensics, for post-event investigation. A new enterprise-class version near release will give users the best of both worlds: constant Video Synopsis availability for immediate inquiry plus on-demand functionality for in-depth investigation.

Marketed through channel partners, the technology can add great value to an integrator's arsenal of value-add propositions to the customer, especially but not limited to cities and municipalities, transportation and other high-traffic, camera- saturated locations.

Dror Irani, CEO of BriefCam, has 25 years of business and management experience gained in leading positions in the Israeli high-tech industry.