Video Evolution Ignites RMR Opportunities

Integrated video monitoring opens up a new chain of revenue for integrators

Leverage interactive services that support video-Research strongly supports that increased consumer engagement and additional interaction with the security system will lead to improved stickiness and result in a higher perceived value of the system. Ensure that the video monitoring solution features services that increase the customer's daily usage of the video system, such as live video feeds, motion or alarm-triggered video clips, or pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras that can be controlled remotely by the customer from a mobile device. Analyze the quality of the technology provider's mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices to ensure that customers interacting with the system will have an engaging but reliable experience.

Don't view video in a vacuum-From a higher RMR generating perspective, the more tightly video monitoring is integrated with the security platform, the more likely the customer will be to regularly interact with the system. Also, the greater the integration and interaction, the more likely the consumer is to value the service and remain engaged longer.

Leverage the video 'wow' factor-As consumers interact more frequently with smartphone apps, tablet devices and mobile media, their technology expectations have risen in tandem and they become harder to impress. It is for this reason that more dealers are leading demonstrations to consumers by showing video monitoring on smartphones and tablet devices, and showcasing new, free mobile apps consumers are increasingly accustomed to using in their day-to-day activities. Video not only generates RMR but provides a lifestyle solution that can adhere to a consumer on a variety of levels, from mobile interactivity and increased awareness to more advanced security.

Don't overlook the existing customer base- Video monitoring isn't just an RMR channel with new customers but represents an opportunity for dealers, who've partnered with an integrated technology partner, to go back to existing customers and upgrade their service package to include video with minimal disruption. By positioning video as a service, rather than a product, software and firmware upgrades can be done remotely without any action required on the part of the customer.

Recurring revenue opportunities for video monitoring are no longer a moving target for security dealers and integrators. Video monitoring generates a tangible impact on the frequency with which customers interact with their home security and monitoring system and the quality of that experience. By fully leveraging innovative, new applications and services developed by proven video monitoring technology providers, dealers and integrators can open up a new and sustainable RMR channel.

Jay Kenny is vice president of Marketing,, Vienna, Va.