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View from the top - New leaders share thoughts on the reseller community

We continue our expose on security industry leaders, asking them what we can expect to see within in their organizations and what changes they have made.

Q. What changes have been made recently?

Richard Bauer, president, OzVision-Since the company was established, OzVision has led the remote video digital recording industry with innovative technology and service offerings. To date the primary focus of the organization had been to evangelize and influence the industry adoption of these innovative technologies. Although we will continue to develop new solutions, our current focus is the coordination of our worldwide sales, marketing and technological resources to make OzVision a major contender in two major market areas; (1.) Hosted video stored over the public network (Video Surveillance as a Service - VSaaS) and (2.) the Alarm Video Verification market. Based on our industry experience and customer feedback, we have released our latest OzVision Secure Network (OSN(tm)) hosted video network platform. We believe that combining three factors: the advanced services of the OSN platform, the simplicity and reliability of 4-HVR gateway, and the opportunity for RMR, OzVision solutions will render the DVR obsolete, which is why we are being touted as "The DVR Killer." Our solution-centric strategy is shared by our partners, as evidenced by winning "Best in Commercial and Monitoring Solution," at the 2010 ISC West SIA New Product Showcase in March.

Pat Comunale, president and chief operating officer, Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution-The last six months have been an exciting time for Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution due to the merger of the two companies. Northern Video was the premier distributor of video products. Tri-Ed was the premier independent distributor of intrusion, security, access control, fire and network products, inclusive of a North American branch network. Bringing these two entities together makes us one of the largest video distributors in North America and differentiates us from other video distributors in the industry. We expect to make additional acquisitions to further enhance our distribution network in the coming months.




Mark Ingram, president, Visonic-In the last year we have moved our focus to our wireless security offerings. Visonic was quickly becoming known as a "PERS" company and our constituents were forgetting our core competencies. Our PERS business continues to thrive, however we have so much more to offer our customers-all in an effort to help them to increase RMR.





Q. How will this create benefits and impact the industry and reseller community?

Richard Bauer-It all starts with the change of mindset from a single sale model to a services and RMR (recurring monthly revenue) model. The OzVision solutions have been ideally developed to allow integration of high-quality remote video services any new or existing system; providing the advantage and flexibility to dealers/integrators and central stations to seamlessly work with 3rd party camera, automation, and alarm panel vendors, while adding the simple, yet sophisticated, services from OzVision.

Pat Comunale-Having a strong independent distribution partner gives the dealer community a reliable choice as to where to buy. In addition to product choice, we are the leader in IP training which sets us apart from the competition. Our knowledgeable staff can support dealers for any installlation from simple intrusion projects to highly integrated access control and video surveillance systems.

Mark Ingram-I know it is over used, but we really do listen to the needs of our customers and do our very best to provide solutions for them. Visonic is committed to never being in our customers' revenue stream. We provide solutions that support their needs for increasing RMR and not picking their pockets like some other manufacturers.

Q. Where do your products/services fit in the mix?

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