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View from the top - New leaders share thoughts on the reseller community

Richard Bauer-In the central station segment, product is everything. OzVision has collected years of industry experience to make these products "bullet-proof" and exactly what the industry demands. Our complete infrastructure and services offering includes Alarm Verification (with up to 90 seconds of pre- and post-alarm continuous video), Event Notification (e-mail and mobile text messaging), Video Motion Detection, LiveView(tm) look-in, and off-site hosted video storage. Our partners, distributors, central station operators and dealer/integrators, are the backbone of our go-to-market strategy. In order for them to provide the OzVision value-added solutions as part of their complete offering, we must deliver "no-surprises" products.

Pat Comunale-As a distribution partner, we offer our customers much more than product delivery alone. We provide many value-added services, including our Great Expectations Customer Loyalty Program, same-day shipping, flexible credit terms, online ordering, technical systems support, ongoing product training, and customer appreciation events and programs.

Mark Ingram-We are 99 percent wireless in our control products. Sure, we continue to manufacture a superior line of wired detectors (even the SRN2000 for you who have been around for a while!). End users are looking for trouble-free and easy to use home/consumer electronics. This includes security. Our mission is creating products dealers like to install and end users feel confident in using.

Q. How does your strategy impact the reseller's growth opportunities?

Richard Bauer-It is a change in mindset from a single sale model to a services and RMR (recurring monthly revenue) model. We explain to resellers that an RMR engine "makes money while you sleep." Any customer considering either a DVR or a DVR upgrade will find the OzVision remote video solutions a superior alternative at a lower cost. Packed with advanced control features and improved online security, users can access their stored video and LiveView(tm) via any internet browser including iPhone, BlackBerry, browser-enabled cell phones, and of course PCs. Central station operators leveraging OzVision alarm verification and real-time monitoring can see immediate benefits including greatly reduced false alarms and enhanced police response.

Pat Comunale-Through our IP training program and support teams we are keeping the dealer-integrator network current with the latest technology. They in turn will be able to sell these products to their customers. In many instances, we are able to design systems for dealer-integrators and pull the business through with these large opportunities.

Mark Ingram-I think this is where Visonic shines. Our controls are quick and easy to install (we even call our latest offering the "Quick Fit Kit"), simple to explain to end users and are trouble free. Our video services using our controls provide all the enhanced services end users are looking for. And frankly, unlike other manufacturers, we are not in the dealers' revenue stream. We provide the product and the dealer provides the service and earns money from RMR. We never ask for a nickel of the dealers' RMR! As we all know, the industry is built on RMR. We stick to what we do best, which is making great products.

The Lowdown on 3D

We had a burning question to ask Gadi Piran, president of OnSSI, Pearl River, N.Y. "What effect does the move to 3D have on the security industry?" Here's what he said:

"The applications for "3D video" in the security industry depend on whether 3D imaging can actually improve the functionality of an HD quality video system. The emphasis on functionality means that the visual appeal of 3D video, which is becoming increasingly popular in movies and entertainment, is less relevant to security professionals unless the content provides additional information or details.

Where it matters most

Where 3D technology has greater potential for security applications is in the creation of three-dimensional visual software environments that enhance a video system's graphical user interface. Creating a 3D graphics model of a location based on maps or floor plans enables much easier and more intuitive access to camera views in a facility. The software would then intelligently analyze coverage areas of cameras automatically and provide the correct camera views to an operator while processing huge volumes of data from various camera sites. In effect, all individual video feeds are then used together to automatically generate the big "security" picture in the context of 3D graphics. This alleviates surveillance operators from having to memorize camera locations and fields of view, but instead have instant access to each camera view in a more natural way as if they are immersed in the 3D environment. For example, a user would drag the mouse in the direction a suspect is walking, and the system would automatically call up the appropriate camera views.