ASIS 2010 product preview

A look at what's new on this year's show floor

Multi-Site Security Monitoring-Recently combined ADPRO V3100 Hybrid Network Video/Audio Transmitter/Recorder and VideoCentral Platinum software from Xtralis offers a reliable remote-monitoring solution, enabling central monitoring stations or mobile handset operators to detect, assess and respond to unfolding security threats.

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Hackers Beware-The Closed IPTV (patent pending) SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR from Dedicated Micros is an IP video security system that automatically discovers/assigns IP cameras to network ports to stop hacking. It supports multiple IP and Analog video channels, HD IP camera recording, HDMI output, and more.

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Part of the Video Processing Family-The ILS-6000 from Sarnoff Corp. is an all-weather unit, capable of high performance stabilization, at a cost that allows for implementation in all environments. Electronic video stabilization improves video quality and provides automated detection.

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Biometric Authentication Personified-The InSight VM 2 Meter Iris Recognition System from AOptix Technologies delivers unprecedented capture volume, 2 meter standoff distance and advanced imaging and image quality metrics for outstanding ease-of-use, throughput and matching accuracy.

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3D Security Visualization-Feeling Software's Omnipresence 3D Security Platform integrates the best-of-breed video surveillance, access control and additional systems into a 3D Common Operating Picture. Version 2.5 integrates with ESRI ArcGIS for security at city- and state-wide levels.

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Stay Safe with Notification Alerts-Radius(tm) from Inovonics Wireless Corp. is a revolutionary awareness system that combines the latest automated mass notification capabilities with advanced positioning technology to provide detailed location information for pinpointing duress alarm locations.

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Technology At Its Widest-Sony's View-DR(tm) produces images with an extremely low noise ratio and the widest dynamic range available. It uses a proprietary algorithm to capture and process multiple images in a fraction of a second.

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True IT Security-IdOnDemand's TouchSecure multi-function contactless smartcard reader securely identifies people and protects physical and digital assets. Employees can use their PACS card with the TouchSecure for true IT security.

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Get Thermal with These Newbies-The AXIS Q1921 and AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Cameras from Axis Communications feature enhanced resolution, full frame rate video (30fps) and four different lens options to ensure improved image quality and detection range.


Don't Toss Those Old ID Card Printers

The Legacy ID Card Printer Solution from AmerID is an easy-to-install kit that integrates legacy ID card printers with Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise platforms. The kit includes cable, an instruction manual, a comprehensive DVD and additional features.

Physical Security In Compact Design