ASIS 2010 product preview

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Strike This!-The HES iCLASS Integrated Electric Strikes allow installers to combine any HES (an ASSA ABLOY company) electric strike, door position switch and latch bolt monitor with HID 13.56 MHz iCLASS technology in a low-profile mullion reader. Pre-integrated wiring means easier installation with one box convenience.

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New Features and Functions-Basler Vision Technologies' next-generation IP camera features extraordinarily light-sensitive IP cameras equipped with CCD sensors that provide frame rates of up to 100fps. The IP Fixed Dome Cameras, also new from Basler, feature a micro SDHC card slot which lets the camera act as a self-sufficient system by writing all alarm images to an SD card with a capacity of up to 32GB.

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Access Control on the Enterprise-The PlaSec Enterprise Appliance is a robust, IT standards compliant, Physical Access Control System (PACS) ideal for any large site. It supports up to 2,048 readers, 500,000,000 identities, 150,000,000 stored events and 50 simultaneous operators.

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Key Control Reaches New Heights-The CyberKey Vault 20 from Videx is a key cabinet designed to program and dispense CyberKeys. The CyberKeys are stored unprogrammed and locked securely in a cabinet until a PIN or RFID card is presented to the cabinet.

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Performance Upgrade-Johnson Controls' P2000 v3.10 Security Management System now integrates with two new third-party Internet Protocol (IP) reader controls; with the Johnson Controls S321-IP controller; and also with additional third-party Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems.

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Integrating Network Security Appliances-Genetec's SV-16 is a network security appliance pre-loaded with Genetec's Omnicast video surveillance system and targeted for small-scale installations under 16 cameras and multi-site installations with small remote locations.

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IP and All-In-One-Complete with NVR software, Linux-based operating system and built-in RAID storage, the standalone XNR from ACTi offers plug-and-play solutions for IP-based applications. It features a user-friendly interface and eradicates compatibility issues from the software installation onto your PC.

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Setting New Standards-With a transformed F-, PT-, and SR-Series product line-up, now FLIR's high-resolution 640x480 thermal security cameras give security professionals four times the resolution of earlier generation 320x240 products and 16 times the resolution offered by other thermal camera manufacturers that use 160x120 sensors.

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Multi-Site Security Monitoring-Recently combined ADPRO V3100 Hybrid Network Video/Audio Transmitter/Recorder and VideoCentral Platinum software from Xtralis offers a reliable remote-monitoring solution, enabling central monitoring stations or mobile handset operators to detect, assess and respond to unfolding security threats.

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Hackers Beware-The Closed IPTV (patent pending) SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR from Dedicated Micros is an IP video security system that automatically discovers/assigns IP cameras to network ports to stop hacking. It supports multiple IP and Analog video channels, HD IP camera recording, HDMI output, and more.

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Part of the Video Processing Family-The ILS-6000 from Sarnoff Corp. is an all-weather unit, capable of high performance stabilization, at a cost that allows for implementation in all environments. Electronic video stabilization improves video quality and provides automated detection.

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Biometric Authentication Personified-The InSight VM 2 Meter Iris Recognition System from AOptix Technologies delivers unprecedented capture volume, 2 meter standoff distance and advanced imaging and image quality metrics for outstanding ease-of-use, throughput and matching accuracy.

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3D Security Visualization-Feeling Software's Omnipresence 3D Security Platform integrates the best-of-breed video surveillance, access control and additional systems into a 3D Common Operating Picture. Version 2.5 integrates with ESRI ArcGIS for security at city- and state-wide levels.

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Stay Safe with Notification Alerts-Radius(tm) from Inovonics Wireless Corp. is a revolutionary awareness system that combines the latest automated mass notification capabilities with advanced positioning technology to provide detailed location information for pinpointing duress alarm locations.

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Technology At Its Widest-Sony's View-DR(tm) produces images with an extremely low noise ratio and the widest dynamic range available. It uses a proprietary algorithm to capture and process multiple images in a fraction of a second.

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True IT Security-IdOnDemand's TouchSecure multi-function contactless smartcard reader securely identifies people and protects physical and digital assets. Employees can use their PACS card with the TouchSecure for true IT security.

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Get Thermal with These Newbies-The AXIS Q1921 and AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Cameras from Axis Communications feature enhanced resolution, full frame rate video (30fps) and four different lens options to ensure improved image quality and detection range.


Don't Toss Those Old ID Card Printers

The Legacy ID Card Printer Solution from AmerID is an easy-to-install kit that integrates legacy ID card printers with Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise platforms. The kit includes cable, an instruction manual, a comprehensive DVD and additional features.

Physical Security In Compact Design

The NLSS Gateway Micro from Next Level Security Systems is an integrated platform that combines the essential elements of a physical security solution, including video management, access control, video analytics and two-way audio, together into one appliance to provide seamless communication between systems.

DVR Innovation

VITEK's CHRONO Series DVR features H.264 compression with built-in data redundancy, a direct connect POS and real time recording and playback. It features a system setup wizard and user friendly graphical user interface and is available in eight- and 16-channel versions.

Less Threading

The SN Series Nut, part of the CADDY(r) line from ERICO, is designed to support loads on threaded rod and can be used for a wide variety of retrofit projects. It can be positioned instantly on threaded rod at any location, reducing installation time.

Integrated Server/Storage Solution

Pivot3's HardBank(tm) is for surveillance applications in extreme environments where virtual servers are included with high-availability shared storage. It individually handles up to 70 cameras with 4 to 8TB of RAID storage, supporting VMS applications from more than 30 open systems partners.

Primary Alarm Communication

Telular's UL 864-listed Telguard TG-7FS sole path cellular alarm communicator for commercial fire gives dealers a solution for new and existing customers who want to eliminate their landlines and save money. It will be available in November.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Aesthetic Mounting

System Sensor's CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Plate, designed to cover the footprint of the previously installed detector, can be mounted in seconds for a clean, low-profile finish suited for both commercial and residential applications.

IP VMS Software Upgrade

Video Insight's version 4.2 of its education-focused IP Video Management System supports H.264, MJPEG, MPEG and Wavelet-based compression and also provides new universal camera drive supporting most other cameras with HTTP or RTSP connections.

MNS Certification and Training

The WEBS(r) Contact(tm) Certification Program from Talk-A-Phone is designed to educate partners regarding the WEBS(r) Mass Notification platform and VoIP emergency communications products. Participants will learn proper techniques for configuring the layered mass communication system, setting up notification zones and creating notification profiles.

Mini Controller Packs a Punch

The STI Select-Alert(tm) (STI-SA5000) mini controller is a multi-purpose strobe and alarm, offering a choice of 32 alarm tones and virtually limitless applications. It can be used as a cabinet alarm, door/exit alarm, tornado warning siren and more.

Rock Hide a Key

The RocLok Hide a Key is a rock key hiding system that incorporates the security of a combination lock box with a traditional faux rock key concealer. It features a built-in combination lock with 1,000 combinations and a realistic design, comprised of a cement-based material.

No Manual Entry Necessary

RF Ideas' pcProx Enroll reader allows users to use their building access card for other forms of identification and security throughout the workplace. The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory and uses standard USB drivers supplied by the operating system.

Compact Audio Power

The CPA-50 from Premier Mounts is a 50 Watt (2x25W RMS) compact power amplifier designed to deliver high-quality audio in classrooms and small systems. It consumes little power and automatically goes into standby mode if no input signal is detected for 20 minutes, dropping power consumption to 0.8 W.

Monitor Support Goes Versatile

The VisionFrame(tm) Video Monitor Wall System from Middle Atlantic Products provides heavy-duty structural support for monitors. Available in both freestanding and desk mount configurations, the units help optimize viewing of larger and multiple screens simultaneously in security and other monitoring environments. Visit 122.

More Value Add

Integrated Biometrics' Tru650 Biometric ACS now comes with a five-year hardware warranty and is featured on the company's Web site in a product video that details the live finger biometric solution.

Get in the Video and Security Mode

Honeywell now offers a version of their Total Connect application with video for BlackBerry wireless handheld smartphones. End-users can toggle between security system keypad functions and video viewing with the touch of a finger.

Free for All!

Theia Technologies' lens calculator provides an example of the image resolution that corresponds to selected parameters so the user has an understanding of what to expect from that combination of equipment in an associated environment.

Transitions of Managed Services

The dashESP from dash Carrier Services is a comprehensive managed service based on its proven emergency call routing platform, which will empower 9-1-1 authorities and responders to transition from legacy 9-1-1 to Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1.

Storage Platform Update

Aberdeen LLC now offers the SAN Virtual Appliance (SAN-VA) Plugin to its AberSAN scalable storage platform. The Aberdeen SAN-VA Plugin provides a virtual SAN on a VMware ESX server by utilizing internal disk resources on an AberSAN into a shareable pool of storage.

Emergency Notification Technology

PlantCML's GeoCast Web notification solution, with its latest version 1.7 release, enables alerting of precisely targeted geographic areas. Users simply select the location(s) requiring notification on digital, street-level maps; prepare or select a message; and activate the system.

Video Security Revamped

Pelco's all-new Camclosure 2 series camera domes feature Super Dynamic Five (SD5(r)) image technology and are designed to achieve exceptional image quality in difficult lighting environments. They come pre-assembled out of the box.

Lighting Control Apps'

The Lutron Home Application provides control of lights and shades via an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It also provides control of Lutron's RadioRA 2 total light control system over a Wi-Fi network and requires RadioRA 2 Software version 3.1.14 or higher.

A Different Concept on Alarm Systems

The S100 GSM SMS Alarm from King Pigeon features the following: a SIMS alert to mobile phones; arming or disarming by SMS from mobile phones; switching on/off light by SMS from mobile phone; and two-way voice communication.

A Wireless Package for Fire Systems

DMP's 1103 Universal Transmitter, 1100R Wireless Repeater and 1100XH High Power Wireless Receiver are ANSI/UL 864 Commercial Fire Listed. With these most recent listings, DMP has further expanded its package of wireless solutions for commercial fire systems.

For Rail, Trains and Tunnels

The Annuncicom 155 IP intercom and announcement device from Barix AG can operate as a standalone system or in conjunction with PCs and central IT managed functions in a standard network.

Access Control and NVRs Get Integrated

The integration of Gallagher Security's Cardax FT Command Centre software and Pelco's Endura network video recorders allows alarms or other signals generated by Cardax to activate and control Endura video recorders for an instant view of security incidents. In addition, Endura video recorders with motion-sensing capabilities can produce an alert through the Cardax platform to a security station.

Recorded Video for Smaller Businesses

American Dynamics' TVR Series of embedded video recorders combines high-resolution recording and superior compression, offering customers higher quality video and increased storage space. Both models within the series, the TVR and TVR-VS, support single remote client software with voice back function.

Status Update

The ACS OnSite Aparato(tm) Physical Access Control System (PACS) from Brivo Systems, integrated with Codebench's PIVCheck Plus and Certificate Manager products and used with PIV-compliant card readers, is now compliant with HSPD-12-and FIPS 201-compliant, addressing the critical issue of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for federal employees and contractors.

Protection Against High-Level Impact

Chase Security's CSGE Series expanded metal guards protect audible devices, such as column speakers and other devices from damage or vandalism attempts.

Designed to Protect

The CD-VR165 fixed dome camera from Conway Security Products is enclosed in its own solid ball of machined plastic mounted within the dome housing. The material provides stability in challenging environments where aluminum would not be suitable, and is also highly robust making it resilient to physical attacks.

Direct-to-Card Printers

HID Global's new line of direct-to-card (DTC(r)) FARGO(r) printer/encoders consists of the following: the DTC1000; the DTC4000; and the DTC4500. All three come engineered with intuitive graphical interfaces, a Swift ID(tm) embedded badging application and a single-port (USB or Ethernet) connection for advanced inline printing and encoding.

Next Generation NVR

The DS-9616NI-SH embedded NVR from HikVision is designed for high quality megapixel recording, mass storage and high-definition, real-time monitoring. Built on an embedded platform, it combines the latest H.264/MPEG4 video encoding and decoding technology and can support network cameras of up to 2 megapixels.

Stay Cool with This Header

Gateway Safety's Serpent(tm) Ventilated Safety Helmet helps minimize heat buildup under the shell of the helmet and offers optimal head injury protection. Its CoolSense(tm) airflow system, along with six vents along the peak of the helmet, promotes heat release and keeps workers cool.

Compression Tool Ships

Platinum Tools' SealSmart II Compression Tool, now shipping, is ideal for all CCTV, digital satellite systems, CATV, residential and commercial structured wiring, security installations and home theater. It easily terminates F, BNC and RCA connections with a single tool.

VMS and Storage In One

DNF Security's Falcon USS(tm) combines VMS and shared video storage into one convenient hardware appliance. Available in two models, the USS(tm) 1600wz and 2400wz with maximum storage capacities of 32TB and 48TB. Additional features include an eight-core 64-bit architecture; 12GB system memory; and four copper gigabit Ethernet connectivity ports.

HD Camera Delivers!

VideoIQ's iCVR-HD High Definition cameras, now available, offer full 1080p resolution and frame rate; zero bandwidth recording; full megapixel analytics and support for IQTrack; and an automatic digital PTZ zoom and track system.

ONVIF Compliant HD IP Cameras

Optelecom NKF's Siqura 6x series, with HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) versions, offer true day/night and backlight compensation as standard features, as well as wide dynamic range (WDR) functionality in some models, to ensure quality images in difficult lighting conditions. They can be powered from AC, DC, or PoE sources.

New Telematics 'App'

Combining wireless technology with an easy-to-use device, AccelaView from Numerex enables the design of customized programs to assess driver risk through Numerex FAST(tm), an Open Platform as a Service built for scalable data requirements. The application allows users to accurately capture meaningful information from a vehicle to determine driving patterns.

PSIM Software Update

The newest version of PSIM software from VidSys is designed as an out-of-the-box set-up and features a new graphical user interface. All tools and resources for managing a situation are accessible on one screen via a drag and drop interface, eliminating the need for operators to pop up multiple windows or manually locate relevant resources.

Power to the Outlet

Liberty AV's PowerBridge system, an in-wall power outlet relocation and cable conceal kit, is designed to manage AV power in/out requirements and provide discreet cable management. The PowerBridge network plugs into existing power outlets or surge protectors to eliminate the need for direct wiring to a dedicated electrical circuit.

Fire Protection Installation Accessories

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd., now offers a full range of installation accessories, from various mounting plates and brackets, to enable quick installation of its prism arrays as well as protective cages for several of its Fireray model detector heads and controller units.


The Spyder SW2600DVR from Sperry West allows users to view live pictures on a monitor the same way as any quality CCTV and can be used with an alarm system, like a normal passive infrared detector. It records to an SD card (comes with 4GB but can work with up to 32GB) and is fully programmable for continuous activity or motion sensing.