ASIS 2010 product preview

A look at what's new on this year's show floor

The RocLok Hide a Key is a rock key hiding system that incorporates the security of a combination lock box with a traditional faux rock key concealer. It features a built-in combination lock with 1,000 combinations and a realistic design, comprised of a cement-based material.

No Manual Entry Necessary

RF Ideas' pcProx Enroll reader allows users to use their building access card for other forms of identification and security throughout the workplace. The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory and uses standard USB drivers supplied by the operating system.

Compact Audio Power

The CPA-50 from Premier Mounts is a 50 Watt (2x25W RMS) compact power amplifier designed to deliver high-quality audio in classrooms and small systems. It consumes little power and automatically goes into standby mode if no input signal is detected for 20 minutes, dropping power consumption to 0.8 W.

Monitor Support Goes Versatile

The VisionFrame(tm) Video Monitor Wall System from Middle Atlantic Products provides heavy-duty structural support for monitors. Available in both freestanding and desk mount configurations, the units help optimize viewing of larger and multiple screens simultaneously in security and other monitoring environments. Visit 122.

More Value Add

Integrated Biometrics' Tru650 Biometric ACS now comes with a five-year hardware warranty and is featured on the company's Web site in a product video that details the live finger biometric solution.

Get in the Video and Security Mode

Honeywell now offers a version of their Total Connect application with video for BlackBerry wireless handheld smartphones. End-users can toggle between security system keypad functions and video viewing with the touch of a finger.

Free for All!

Theia Technologies' lens calculator provides an example of the image resolution that corresponds to selected parameters so the user has an understanding of what to expect from that combination of equipment in an associated environment.

Transitions of Managed Services

The dashESP from dash Carrier Services is a comprehensive managed service based on its proven emergency call routing platform, which will empower 9-1-1 authorities and responders to transition from legacy 9-1-1 to Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1.

Storage Platform Update

Aberdeen LLC now offers the SAN Virtual Appliance (SAN-VA) Plugin to its AberSAN scalable storage platform. The Aberdeen SAN-VA Plugin provides a virtual SAN on a VMware ESX server by utilizing internal disk resources on an AberSAN into a shareable pool of storage.

Emergency Notification Technology

PlantCML's GeoCast Web notification solution, with its latest version 1.7 release, enables alerting of precisely targeted geographic areas. Users simply select the location(s) requiring notification on digital, street-level maps; prepare or select a message; and activate the system.

Video Security Revamped