ASIS 2010 product preview

A look at what's new on this year's show floor

The newest version of PSIM software from VidSys is designed as an out-of-the-box set-up and features a new graphical user interface. All tools and resources for managing a situation are accessible on one screen via a drag and drop interface, eliminating the need for operators to pop up multiple windows or manually locate relevant resources.

Power to the Outlet

Liberty AV's PowerBridge system, an in-wall power outlet relocation and cable conceal kit, is designed to manage AV power in/out requirements and provide discreet cable management. The PowerBridge network plugs into existing power outlets or surge protectors to eliminate the need for direct wiring to a dedicated electrical circuit.

Fire Protection Installation Accessories

Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd., now offers a full range of installation accessories, from various mounting plates and brackets, to enable quick installation of its prism arrays as well as protective cages for several of its Fireray model detector heads and controller units.


The Spyder SW2600DVR from Sperry West allows users to view live pictures on a monitor the same way as any quality CCTV and can be used with an alarm system, like a normal passive infrared detector. It records to an SD card (comes with 4GB but can work with up to 32GB) and is fully programmable for continuous activity or motion sensing.