Under pressure?

When you're under pressure, every task seems monumental. And there's a good chance you've felt under pressure the last year or two. It isn't just you. It's the entire business and economic landscape. Everyone has to do more with less, find creative ways to get the job done with fewer resources, perform like you've never done before-although it's a struggle with skeleton staffs and bare-boned budgets.




We're the lucky ones

Take a deep breath and consider all that we have in the security industry. Maybe that's the first step. Reminding yourself that it's much more than security today and that's how you have to sell it and position yourself. Forget about the competition for once and think about your goals and that of your company. One of those goals, I believe, is to focus on convenience, cost savings and efficiencies that technology can provide you and your customers.

It's funny. When you have something like the recession we've had for the last couple years you actually become more creative, hungrier for better days; and that's what will set you apart from the rest-success through adversity.

Keep plugging away, because this is the industry that will continue to grow. All the studies, IMS Research, Freedonia Group, Parks Associates and more, point to upward growth in video, mobile and managed services, virtual protected premises, intelligent detectors, energy management and lighting controls-the sky's the limit.

Inside this issue, we have the topics that matter to you, like the public places vertical market, especially stadiums. See the in-depth report by Natalia Kosk on page 28. Convergence is top of mind and we have the report on it, page 34. PoE is a game changer, extending the range of IP cameras effectively, and we have a Product Showcase on PoE and cabling, page 20, and feature articles on the technology, pages 24 and 82. And, inside we've more than 80 products for you to see, a special news exclusive on industry leaders, a roundtable on PSIM and much more.

We're strong and here to lead the way

Publishing has had its share of struggles so I can relate to yours. Last year, according to Folio magazine, close to 300 magazines closed during the first half of the year (about 40 converted to digital or online only formats). In 2010 through the first half, only 87 titles have shuttered. The publishing industry too has had to change their way of thinking. Our approach is a 360 one, print, digital, interactive, video and custom products to help businesses grow. It's similar to how you have changed-offering a wide variety of convenience service solutions customers want, need and expect to get from a professional such as yourself. Pat yourselves on the back and don't spend time thinking about past decisions. The future starts today.