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Ultra Wide Varifocal Lens

Theia Technologies has added a new varifocal lens model to its line of ultra wide angle, no distortion, megapixel lenses. The supplier's patented Linear Optical Technology platform enables optical distortion correction and allows more flexibility in camera placement and wide coverage of an area. Designed for 1/3", 1/2.7" and up to 1/ 2.5" image sensors, the lens will provide from 77 to 115 degrees horizontal field of view, with less than 1 percent barrel distortion. In addition, the lens' True Zoom capability enables end-users to set focus once and the image remains in focus while zooming. The lens features a compact length of 50mm from the CS mount, enabling it to fit in most mini-domes. Visit Theia Technologies at ASIS booth #1046.
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Unified Video Solution

victor from American Dynamics is a unified video solution that seamlessly supports NVRs and DVRs and their associated IP and analog cameras. victor allows customers to strategically transition to IP, or enjoy a mixed environment of analog and IP, all managed from one interface. It features integrated motion analytics enabling rapid post-event searches for analysis, and it displays H.264, ACC, MJPEG, MPEG-4 simultaneously. Users can switch the layout of the system to meet specific needs and situations, such as evacuation layout in the event of a tornado warning. For more information on victor, visit Visit American Dynamics at ASIS booth #1321.
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Access Control and Event Management

C-CURE 9000, from Software House, is a powerful security and event management system ideal for any size application. The system delivers IT standard tools and an innovative distributed architecture. Leveraging Microsoft .NET v3.5, the platform offers native encryption and XML data transfer. The system is equipped with powerful enterprise functionality and integrates with a variety of third-party technologies to satisfy an end-user's unique needs. With the product's Web Client, end-users can manage personnel, access dynamic views and monitor system activity from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit Visit Software House at ASIS booth #1321.
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Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoders

HID Global has introduced a new line of direct-to-card (DTC) FARGO printer/encoders for personalized identity badges. The new product line encompasses three models: The DTC1000 entry-level printer for small organizations; the professional-level DTC4000 printer for small- to medium-size organizations with greater security and scalability requirements; and the advanced DTC4500 professional printer for large corporations and government organizations with high-volume needs. All three printers feature intuitive graphical interfaces, the Swift ID embedded badging application and a single-port (USB or Ethernet) connection for advanced inline printing and encoding. Visit HID Global at ASIS booth #601.
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Megapixel Network Camera

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