Metrics for Success

How good is your customer connection?

George Campbell is emeritus faculty of the Security Executive Council and former CSO of Fidelity Investments. His book, Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security, may be purchased through the Security Executive Council Web site. The Security Executive Council is an innovative problem-solving research and services organization that works with Tier 1 Security Leaders to reduce risk and add to corporate profitability in the process. A faculty of more than 100 experienced security executives provides strategy, insight and proven practices that cannot be found anywhere else. Through its pioneering approach of Collective Knowledge, the Council serves all aspects of the security community. To learn about becoming involved, e-mail or visit The information in this article is copyrighted by the Security Executive Council and reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.



New Security Leadership Curriculum to Cover Communicating Metrics

George Campbell will be one of the instructors in the new Next Generation Security Leader Development Program, offered by the Security Executive Council and its alliance partners. This affordable six- to nine-month, long-distance executive development course will explore cross-functional, unified risk oversight as well as ROI-capable approaches for board-level risk mitigation and organizational resilience. Campbell’s session will teach participants how to find meaningful data, understand their data and use it to communicate to senior management to tell their own story of value contribution to the organization. To learn more or to register, visit .