Crisis management

Raising the stakes

Current events should push the crisis planning community to place an increased emphasis on planning for HCLP events. In many cases, this can be efficiently addressed as an extension and expansion of planning for what are considered manageable events. However, in many cases, the organization and internal planners need to recognize that certain events could result in catastrophic consequences. Comprehensive impact analysis, rapid recognition and efficient deployment of available mitigation measures still remain the best crisis management tools. In the case of HCLP events, they will need to be deployed more skillfully than ever.

Randall R. Nason, PE, CPP, is a corporate vice president and manager of the Security Consulting Group at C.H. Guernsey & Co. His experience spans a broad spectrum of the security profession including risk assessment and strategic security master plan development through complete system design, construction management, and design-led build projects. He has also recently designed and conducted full scale emergency response exercises for a federal agency. He is currently developing electronic security system related technical manuals, mass notification specifications, and training courses for the U.S. Army.