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RRUG Wows Dealers with Ideas for 2011

Rapid Response Monitoring Inc. hosted its second and highly successful Users' Group August 1 through 4 at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, N.Y. The event was a compilation of industry and business training, tours of the Corporate Headquarters, countless networking opportunities and captivating entertainment. Rapid Response Users' Group 2010 (RRUG) offered its Dealers the opportunity to meet the industry's leading vendors and professionals to catch up on new technologies. And of course it was also the place for its Dealers to learn more about new 'Rapid Technology' offerings that will help them find ways to further develop their businesses.

This year's Users' Group beefed up the course load, attracted more vendors and offered additional opportunities to meet Rapid Response's staff. The four-day event logged representation from more than 250 companies, with attendance totaling around 450.

Education the focus

Some 32 educational services and courses were offered during RRUG 2010, including fire, technology, sales and marketing and business tracks. All courses provided attendees with NTS and/or New Jersey Continuing Education Unit credits. Among the courses were peer-to-peer roundtables in which Dealers were presented thought-provoking situations by industry professionals and then discussed possible solutions and methods of improvement.

Numerous speakers presented their knowledge and outlook. One was keynote speaker Eric C. Haseltine, president and managing director of Haseltine Partners LLC. Haseltine holds degrees in economics and psychology, as well as a Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology which he applied to his forward-thinking presentation. He discussed the value of opportunities and how to make one large idea for the future both possible and profitable in the present. While walking the group through the process of expanding their businesses while maintaining efficiency, Haseltine enlightened the audience with his vision of where the security industry is headed.

Also included in courses were Rapid Track seminars that focused on Rapid Response Monitoring's Proprietary Software and Web-based services for extended Dealer and End-User connectivity. RapidLink3k(tm) and RapidWeb3k(tm) were among the new Rapid technologies showcased and introduced. At the Rapid Technology Room these two new tools were demonstrated on computers, iPhones(r), and iPads(tm), giving Dealers the chance to fully experience the breadth of capabilities they and their end-users will soon have.

Evening entertainment included a private party for attendees at Turning Stone's exclusive night club, Lava. The evening included two magician performers-Daniel Uzunoff, local "Magic Man," specializing in 'slight of hand,' and NBC's America's Got Talent performer, Shimshi, the resident Las Vegas Wynn's Encore venue magician.

The event wrapped up with the Rapid Classic Golf Tournament on the Shenandoah Golf Course, the same venue where the PGA Golf Tournament was scheduled to play just days later.

UL Celebrates & Sox Win!

The Chicago White Sox treated the crowd at U.S. Cellular Field to a rare win over arch rivals the Minnesota Twins and the night was made more complete with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) sponsorship and awards to police and fire responders for heroic acts performed in the line of duty.

The final 6 to 1 win for the Chicago White Sox was gratifying, but the stars of the night were UL and the police and fire community, highlighted at this annual event, which also included safety awareness information and UL logo-emblazoned binder giveaways for the crowd. UL has sponsored the event since 2008 in an effort to reinforce its goal to be not only a global leader in safety standards and certification in the fire and security markets, but a philanthropist in outreach to the first responder community.

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