ASIS 2010 product preview

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Locking In On Value-Medeco's Smart SFIC (Small Form Interchangeable Core) Solutions(tm) feature KeyMark x4, Arrow Pointe, and Nexgen XT, without the need for new hardware, wiring, or repairs to existing locks. Nexgen XT offers a quick and easy retrofit option for facilities that utilize SFIC cylinders and adds user scheduling, audit logs of entry and key expiration.

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Advanced Access Control-IDenticard Systems' PremiSys v2.0 combines proprietary software with fully-integrated hardware manufactured by Mercury Security and includes custom ID badge capabilities using built-in expressionsID(tm) photo ID software. New features include automatic client update; door-one-time lock/unlock events; mantraps; hardware filtering via permissions; and user journals.

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Interactive Fire Annunciator-The IFA-1000 Intelligent Fire Annunciator from Johnson Controls features an interactive touch screen video display that allows firefighters and emergency responders to quickly and accurately access lifesaving information.

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Suited for Retail-The ionitRetail Suite, a hybrid video recording system from Ionit Technologies is able to provide people counting, queue times, dwell times, traffic counts and facial detection for measuring in-store shopper engagement.

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Security and Convenience-The GE Two-Way Talking Touch Screen from UTC Fire & Security features an all-in-one interface and offers homeowners convenience control over their Simon XT(tm) security system. The touch screen can control security, plus home lighting and HVAC and provide current weather conditions with a four-day forecast.

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On the Network-From enterprise-wide security management to small or large access control, Linear's IEI brand now offers the eMerge network browser-based access control system. Designed as a native IP device, there are no new gateways, communication wiring or plug-in hardware adapters to install.


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Unity in One-The Security Center from Genetec seamlessly blends its IP license plate recognition, video surveillance and access control systems, AutoVu, Omnicast and Synergis, within a single innovative solution. It consolidates and standardizes the common aspects of security operations and makes them easily accessible via client application. It features an intuitive user interface, task-oriented approach, ultra-modern design and context-sensitive widgets.

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Secure Alerting Delivery-Amika Mobile's Mobility Server (AMS 5.4) emergency mass notification device auto-discovery solution eliminates database creation and constant updates. Alerts are transmitted to any device on any network as desktop/laptop pop-ups, SMS, VoIP, etc. and is deployable on-premises or hosted.

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PoE Powered and Vandal Resistant-The BIP-D1300c-dn IP Fixed Dome Camera from Basler Vision Technologies has a vandal-resistant aluminum housing and a built-in micro SDHC card slot. It features HD resolution (720p) and can be powered using standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af Class 0).

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No Add-On Illumination Needed-FLIR Systems' F-Series line of IP security cameras come with the revolutionary ChromaNox Color Night Vision payload options. ChromaNox is an advanced electron multiplied CCD camera that produces high quality color or monochrome video in lighting conditions from day to twilight, without requiring additional illumination.

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Outdoor Microwave-Murena PLUS 24 from CIAS Labs is a remotely controlled digital outdoor microwave transceiver (80 ft.) based on smart pet immunity 'Fuzzy' logic analysis to able to get position, size and direction of the target.

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NVR Goes 'Green'-IndigoVision's NVR-AS 3000 range of standalone Network Video Recorders doubles the performance of existing models and features green credentials with extremely low power consumption. A single NVR can record H.264 video from 32 cameras continuously at 4SIF, full frame rate, based on moderate motion detection levels for 50 days, while consuming about 50W of power.

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No Distorted Images-Theia Technologies SL183 lens features True Zoom(tm) capability and uses patented Linear Optical Technology(r) to provide up to 115 degrees undistorted horizontal field of view in a 1.8 to 3mm varifocal model.

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Direct to Your DVR/NVR-SensaVideo provides an easy way to bring real time sensor values into an existing video surveillance system. Monitor temperature, air quality, humidity, tank levels or other conditions. The sensor readings appear as graphic images that emulate either an analog or IP camera.

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Back Up Power-The SlideSmart DC from HySecurity Gate Operators is a UPS backup, intelligent, slide gate operator for residential and commercial applications. It features easy-learn limits, programmable open and close speeds, an intuitive smart DC controller and more.

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Cellular Alarm Communication-Telular's Telguard TG-1 Express is a residential alarm communicator that uses the power and backup battery of the alarm panel, reducing installation time. It supports virtually all alarm formats allowing it to work with almost all alarm panels and offers a Single Line Interface Cable (SLIC) option, simplifying wire runs.