ASIS 2010 product preview

Check out these new and innovative products prior to ASIS Dallas 2010 or at the show

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No Distorted Images-Theia Technologies SL183 lens features True Zoom(tm) capability and uses patented Linear Optical Technology(r) to provide up to 115 degrees undistorted horizontal field of view in a 1.8 to 3mm varifocal model.

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Direct to Your DVR/NVR-SensaVideo provides an easy way to bring real time sensor values into an existing video surveillance system. Monitor temperature, air quality, humidity, tank levels or other conditions. The sensor readings appear as graphic images that emulate either an analog or IP camera.

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Back Up Power-The SlideSmart DC from HySecurity Gate Operators is a UPS backup, intelligent, slide gate operator for residential and commercial applications. It features easy-learn limits, programmable open and close speeds, an intuitive smart DC controller and more.

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Cellular Alarm Communication-Telular's Telguard TG-1 Express is a residential alarm communicator that uses the power and backup battery of the alarm panel, reducing installation time. It supports virtually all alarm formats allowing it to work with almost all alarm panels and offers a Single Line Interface Cable (SLIC) option, simplifying wire runs.