Enterprise security - Go for the globe

Integrators savvy on converged solutions can piece it together

Microsoft Global Security is using a software product called Visual Fusion from IDV Solutions in their operations center. The Microsoft Global Security team deployed the software to monitor company facilities around the world. With Visual Fusion the team has successfully integrated over 50 products and systems into a cohesive visualization for greater situational awareness. From this visual mashup of asset locations, video camera feeds, card reader information, disaster alerts, current weather, etc., responders can do incident management with defined workflows and processes set up within Visual Fusion and Microsoft's SharePoint Server. Visual Fusion quickly builds business intelligence applications that unite disparate data into interactive Web-based data visualizations (maps, timelines and analytics) for superior context, rapid insight and decisive action.


Standards and open operability organizations, like ONVIF and PSIA, will drive more integrated solutions to the market and the enterprise, which will continue as a robust user of those systems that merge physical security, logical access control, video and other portions of the larger customer's solution. Because they are developing open architecture specifications and real world documents that allow products to work with each other, the groups are facilitating a faster growing integrated market.