Meet the meat masters

As vegans munch profits of many purveyors, LaFrieda Wholesale Meats grows and counts on VisionTec Solutions

Megapixel cameras have also been deployed to assist in quality control-watching the butchering room so knives and utensils are cleaned and handled properly. Refrigerated trucks, some 13, get a watchful eye with megapixel cameras. High-resolution cameras are also deployed over weighing scales and other processing and packaging rooms and at the end of each aisle so packers can verify the client's order via video. A dedicated server was installed and personnel can log in remotely to view cameras via the T1 communications line.

"The client was unfamiliar with megapixel technology and what it could bring to their facility," Tisei continued. "We have a breakdown of the different megapixel cameras and can crop an image accordingly to let the customer see the size and clarity differences between different resolutions. They could see the ROI in plain sight and were able to maximize their return on investment, and also, grow the technology easily in the future."

There's nothing that beats expertise in megapixel technology and other solutions presented to the customer in a way in which they can understand. When an integrator can show ROI and the flexibility to grow, the customer most often will agree with a hardy nod of the head and signature on paper.


Here's what VisionTec installed at LaFrieda Wholesale Meats:

- 12 Arecont 2155 2 megapixel cameras
- 15 Arecont 1355 1.3 megapixel cameras
- NUUO 27-channel NVR software
- 1 custom built 5 Terabyte Intel server
- 2 16-channel Altronix power supplies
- 4 Door-Hartmann Controls access control panel and software
- 3 Rutherford Controls (RCI) 6 Series commercial duty electronic strikes
- 1 RCI 0 Series RIM style commercial duty electronic strike
- Aiphone JK Series audio/video intercoms
- 2 Sharp 46-in. LCD Screens
- 1 Acer 23-in. LCD Screen