Beyond security

Integrating systems across the enterprise

Other tangible benefits

Cost avoidance through better maintenance also is a huge benefit of complete system integration. Each time an electronic strike is cycled, for example, it is logged in the BAS. After a predetermined number of cycles are reached based on the manufacturer's specifications, a work order is generated to replace the strike prior to its failure. Door status or motion sensor activity also is logged and trended. Analytics on these devices determine device failures and generate a work order for repair.

There is so much data locked away in the many systems found in facilities today. The available examples are much more than this column space allows. When you consider all of the systems within a facility, including fire alarm, video surveillance, single-sign-on appliances, asset tracking, manufacturing processes, video conferencing, and audio/video control, there is plenty of opportunity to produce measureable business value for customers through integration.

Joe Feuling heads new business development for Environmental Systems Inc., with offices in Milwaukee and Chicago. Visit to download the latest building performance, security and life safety trends in "Bottom-Line Sustainability for Business: What's possible-and profitable-about intelligent building systems."