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Video surveillance accessories and access control

C Mount Lens

Theia Technologies has expanded its line of ultra wide angle, no distortion, megapixel lenses with a new C mount lens model, the MY110. The lens provides up to 120 degrees horizontal field of view, with no greater than 2 percent barrel distortion. The supplier has leveraged its patented Linear Optical Technology platform to optically correct the barrel distortion typical of other wide lenses, keeping straight lines straight without the use of software. The 120-degree wide field of view enables coverage of more area with one camera, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements. Available in both auto and manual iris versions, the lens is IR corrected and can be used on Day/Night, as well as on standard video cameras, to focus crisply in both visible and near Infrared (IR) light without having to re-focus the camera. Select eInquiry #101

Single- and Multi-Port Encoders and Edge Devices

Verint Systems Inc. recently introduced a line of high-definition and H.264-enabled single- and multi-port edge devices. The solutions are designed to help organizations establish cost-effective, modular physical security infrastructures. The Nextiva S1800e single- and dual-port encoders are ideal for one- or two-camera implementations in distributed networks. The encoders couple superior video resolution up to three H.264 video streams 4CIF/30fps and storage on the edge. The Nextiva S1816e-SP is ideal for banking, retail and other video surveillance applications. The Nextiva HDR 1800 video decoder/receiver (pictured) combines excellent performance, high-definition technology and H.264 video decompression to enhance the functionality and versatility of Nextiva Virtual Matrix implementations. Finally, the Nextiva S1801e-R single-port decoders support four to six H.264 video streams, displaying up to four tiles on traditional CCTV monitors and up to six tiles on high-definition LCD or plasma monitors. Select eInquiry #102

Single-Channel Video Encoder

Bosch Security Systems Inc. has introduced a single-channel video encoder that transforms existing analog cameras into powerful automated detectors. The encoder delivers H.264 compressed video and has a built-in hardware accelerator for Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) functionality. The VIP-X1XF encoder is capable of transmitting two independent high-resolution video streams at 25/30 images per second over IP networks. The encoder's H.264 compression reduces network load by up to 30 percent compared to conventional compression technologies. The video content analysis software, IVA 4.0, is embedded in the encoders, so they can autonomously detect suspicious behavior, such as loitering, idle objects, object removal and line crossing. Select eInquiry #103

S Type Enclosure

The S-Type COOLDOME from Dotworkz with Active Cooling Technology is designed to protect IP and Analog cameras, as well as NVRs, wireless and other security hardware from overheating in summer temperatures. Engineered for extreme climates where heat damage can effect system reliability , the unit is built to withstand temperatures that exceed 105ø F (41ø C) but reach as high as 155ø F (68ø C). The enclosure is IP66 rated, and is airtight and sealed against outside air, dust, water and salt water. It also features IP68 waterproof connection ports. The internal mounting space is designed for NVRs, routers, cell networks, hard drives, UPS, WiMax, mesh hardware and more. It is available in 12V and 24V models. Select eInquiry #104

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