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Video surveillance accessories and access control

Vari-Focal Lens Line

Tamron USA Inc. has developed two models of a 1/3-inch format 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Vari-Focal lens that are IR-corrected while supporting 650 TV-line resolution performance. Model 13VM308ASIRII features a manual iris; while the 13VG308ASIRII features a DC auto iris). By employing the latest optical system using an Aspherical element and an LD (Low Dispersion) glass element, the lenses deliver high- quality images with horizontal resolution of more than 650 TV lines. Other features include clear images without color smear by minimizing chromatic aberration; fast F/1.0 maximum aperture; near-infrared corrected lens to match Day/ Night cameras; and a compact design. Select eInquiry #105

DVR Security Enclosure

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the DVR Security Enclosure from Chatsworth Products Inc. protects DVRs and other security equipment from accidental damage, theft or vandalism when positioned outside of the equipment room. Solid and sturdy, the enclosures are constructed of heavy-duty steel and feature a hinged locking front door with an optional plexiglass window for increased equipment visibility. To access equipment and cabling, each enclosure includes a removable top panel and cable knockouts, while vented sides and the accessory Fan Kit increase equipment ventilation. The enclosures can be used on a countertop or shelf, or the Wall-Mount Kit can be added to horizontally mount large enclosures. Select eInquiry #106

High-Definition Monitors

Pelco's line of Full, High-Definition monitors are compatible with the supplier's Sarix camera line, as well as with third-party megapixel cameras. The family of 42-, 47-, and 52-inch Full HD displays deliver optimal performance while being energy conscious, using the latest in low-power components. Even when non-megapixel cameras are used, the HD displays can easily scale down to 720p, ensuring detailed and crisp images. Select eInquiry #107

CCTV/Security Tester

The SecuriTEST Pro multi-functional CCTV tester from Ideal Industries Inc., delivers an enhanced feature set to satisfy technicians' requirements whenever they are installing, testing and maintaining analog camera systems. The tester offers a multi-function testing platform, along with IRE video level and sync testing, sound level assessment through an integrated speaker and on-screen display, and additional support for more PTZ camera protocols - all packaged in a portable unit featuring a high-capacity lithium ion battery. Select eInquiry #108

Flat Panel Wall Mount

Video Mount Products' FP-MF mid-size flat panel flush mount feature a minimal footprint along with flush mount aesthetic appeal and functionality. The wall mount has been designed for numerous applications, most importantly for those installs where 27- to 42-inch flat panels need to be mounted to the wall as close as possible. The FP-MF's minimalistic design is both installer- and user-friendly, reducing installation time. The distance from wall to the back of the monitor is 0.7 inches, and the mount can hold up to 100 pounds. It is available in either a silver powder coat finish or black finish (FP-MFB). Select eInquiry #109