Product showcase

C Mount Lens

Theia Technologies has expanded its line of ultra wide angle, no distortion, megapixel lenses with a new C mount lens model, the MY110. The lens provides up to 120 degrees horizontal field of view, with no greater than 2 percent barrel distortion. The supplier has leveraged its patented Linear Optical Technology platform to optically correct the barrel distortion typical of other wide lenses, keeping straight lines straight without the use of software. The 120-degree wide field of view enables coverage of more area with one camera, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements. Available in both auto and manual iris versions, the lens is IR corrected and can be used on Day/Night, as well as on standard video cameras, to focus crisply in both visible and near Infrared (IR) light without having to re-focus the camera. Select eInquiry #101

Single- and Multi-Port Encoders and Edge Devices

Verint Systems Inc. recently introduced a line of high-definition and H.264-enabled single- and multi-port edge devices. The solutions are designed to help organizations establish cost-effective, modular physical security infrastructures. The Nextiva S1800e single- and dual-port encoders are ideal for one- or two-camera implementations in distributed networks. The encoders couple superior video resolution up to three H.264 video streams 4CIF/30fps and storage on the edge. The Nextiva S1816e-SP is ideal for banking, retail and other video surveillance applications. The Nextiva HDR 1800 video decoder/receiver (pictured) combines excellent performance, high-definition technology and H.264 video decompression to enhance the functionality and versatility of Nextiva Virtual Matrix implementations. Finally, the Nextiva S1801e-R single-port decoders support four to six H.264 video streams, displaying up to four tiles on traditional CCTV monitors and up to six tiles on high-definition LCD or plasma monitors. Select eInquiry #102

Single-Channel Video Encoder

Bosch Security Systems Inc. has introduced a single-channel video encoder that transforms existing analog cameras into powerful automated detectors. The encoder delivers H.264 compressed video and has a built-in hardware accelerator for Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) functionality. The VIP-X1XF encoder is capable of transmitting two independent high-resolution video streams at 25/30 images per second over IP networks. The encoder's H.264 compression reduces network load by up to 30 percent compared to conventional compression technologies. The video content analysis software, IVA 4.0, is embedded in the encoders, so they can autonomously detect suspicious behavior, such as loitering, idle objects, object removal and line crossing. Select eInquiry #103

S Type Enclosure

The S-Type COOLDOME from Dotworkz with Active Cooling Technology is designed to protect IP and Analog cameras, as well as NVRs, wireless and other security hardware from overheating in summer temperatures. Engineered for extreme climates where heat damage can effect system reliability , the unit is built to withstand temperatures that exceed 105ø F (41ø C) but reach as high as 155ø F (68ø C). The enclosure is IP66 rated, and is airtight and sealed against outside air, dust, water and salt water. It also features IP68 waterproof connection ports. The internal mounting space is designed for NVRs, routers, cell networks, hard drives, UPS, WiMax, mesh hardware and more. It is available in 12V and 24V models. Select eInquiry #104

Vari-Focal Lens Line

Tamron USA Inc. has developed two models of a 1/3-inch format 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Vari-Focal lens that are IR-corrected while supporting 650 TV-line resolution performance. Model 13VM308ASIRII features a manual iris; while the 13VG308ASIRII features a DC auto iris). By employing the latest optical system using an Aspherical element and an LD (Low Dispersion) glass element, the lenses deliver high- quality images with horizontal resolution of more than 650 TV lines. Other features include clear images without color smear by minimizing chromatic aberration; fast F/1.0 maximum aperture; near-infrared corrected lens to match Day/ Night cameras; and a compact design. Select eInquiry #105

DVR Security Enclosure

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the DVR Security Enclosure from Chatsworth Products Inc. protects DVRs and other security equipment from accidental damage, theft or vandalism when positioned outside of the equipment room. Solid and sturdy, the enclosures are constructed of heavy-duty steel and feature a hinged locking front door with an optional plexiglass window for increased equipment visibility. To access equipment and cabling, each enclosure includes a removable top panel and cable knockouts, while vented sides and the accessory Fan Kit increase equipment ventilation. The enclosures can be used on a countertop or shelf, or the Wall-Mount Kit can be added to horizontally mount large enclosures. Select eInquiry #106

High-Definition Monitors

Pelco's line of Full, High-Definition monitors are compatible with the supplier's Sarix camera line, as well as with third-party megapixel cameras. The family of 42-, 47-, and 52-inch Full HD displays deliver optimal performance while being energy conscious, using the latest in low-power components. Even when non-megapixel cameras are used, the HD displays can easily scale down to 720p, ensuring detailed and crisp images. Select eInquiry #107

CCTV/Security Tester

The SecuriTEST Pro multi-functional CCTV tester from Ideal Industries Inc., delivers an enhanced feature set to satisfy technicians' requirements whenever they are installing, testing and maintaining analog camera systems. The tester offers a multi-function testing platform, along with IRE video level and sync testing, sound level assessment through an integrated speaker and on-screen display, and additional support for more PTZ camera protocols - all packaged in a portable unit featuring a high-capacity lithium ion battery. Select eInquiry #108

Flat Panel Wall Mount

Video Mount Products' FP-MF mid-size flat panel flush mount feature a minimal footprint along with flush mount aesthetic appeal and functionality. The wall mount has been designed for numerous applications, most importantly for those installs where 27- to 42-inch flat panels need to be mounted to the wall as close as possible. The FP-MF's minimalistic design is both installer- and user-friendly, reducing installation time. The distance from wall to the back of the monitor is 0.7 inches, and the mount can hold up to 100 pounds. It is available in either a silver powder coat finish or black finish (FP-MFB). Select eInquiry #109


FOR-A has introduced the MV-3200 Series multi-viewer , which supports mixed HD, SD, analog and PC signals, and has a variety of on-screen features for a customized display environment. Within its 2 RU frame, up to four input boards and two output boards can be installed to create a multi-viewer with a maximum of 32 inputs and four display outputs. The choice of input boards provides support for various asynchronous HD/SD-SDI, analog composite, and DVI (analog and digital) signals, as well as analog or AES audio. Up to 32 video windows can be displayed for each output board. Both output boards operate independently, so if one malfunctions, the other can continue to display all inputs. Select eInquiry #110

CCTV Security Tester

XFTP by Trilithic has released the STE-1200 CCTV Security Tester for the installation and maintenance of closed circuit video monitoring systems. With a 3.5 inch LCD and the ability to adapt automatically to display video from NTSC or PAL cameras, the unit can be used to display video feeds directly from security cameras, control the movement of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, generate colorbar test images, capture addressing data from serial control systems and test LAN cables. Support for more than 20 PTZ protocols such as Pelco and Samsung allow for easy adjustments, including zoom, pan, tilt, focus and creating preset positions for security cameras. Select eInquiry #111

Video Synopsis Software

BriefCam Ltd.'s Video Synopsis is a proprietary image-processing technology that creates synopses of original full-length surveillance videos. The software provides a complete representation of all events occurring during hours of video footage in a condensed clip as short as a few minutes in length. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times, enabling the rapid review and indexing of captured video footage - with an index to the original source video; live video feed online and archival video footage offline - for on-the-spot event tracking, forensic investigation and evidence discovery. The technology won the award for "CCTV System Product of the Year" at the recent IFSEC show. Select eInquiry #112

3D Design Tool

Feeling Software has announced Pro Design, the latest product in its Omnipresence 3D suite of physical security applications. Designed for architecture & engineering (A&E) firms, security integrators and security directors, the software uses 3D floor plans and maps for surveillance planning, eliminating countless hours spent back-and-forth between the facility and the office. With instant 3D previews of what each camera covers, planning can now be accomplished more effectively from the comfort of one's desk. Each software license includes 40,000 square feet of custom 3D mapping. Select eInquiry #113

Streaming Audio Solution for Surveillance Systems

Optelecom-NKF's eight-channel Siqura A-80 offers a compact audio and contact closure (CC) solution for an existing or new CCTV system. The lip-synchronization solution is used in combination with the supplier's Siqura multi-channel video codecs. The audio inputs support either line-level or microphone-level with additional biasing to power electret microphones. Eight digital inputs can be configured to initiate CC signals, for example, to activate a network video recorder (NVR) to start recording. Four digital outputs are also available, allowing the unit to connect with third-party devices, such as a programmable logic controller. The product is designed to comply with worldwide adopted standards for streaming audio. Select eInquiry #114

Enhanced Video Walls and Multi-Viewers

RGB Spectrum has expanded the capabilities of its video walls and multi-viewers, including the MediaWall 4500, 4200 and SuperView 5000 products, through the release of an HD-SDI Dual Input Module. The module offers an additional input source interface, opening up display capabilities for television broadcast sources as well as governmental serial digital graphic networks. The module complies with the SMPTE 292 interface standard. Select eInquiry #115

Processor for Intelligent Video 

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced the DaVinci DMVA2 video processor, enabling end-users to easily use integrated smart analytics. People counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata analytics are all possible with the processor, while streaming up to 1080p. The integrated, single chip processor reduces board space by one-half, making video analytics possible in a broader range of surveillance applications. The unit is equipped with the supplier's Smart Codec Technology, which provides up to five times the bit rate reduction for improved video quality and network bandwidth. Select eInquiry #116


Mifare-Equipped Card Reader

Paxton Access has developed its Energy saving reader to accept Mifare tokens, making the reader suitable for a range of environments. The reader accepts an authenticated Mifare card to switch on power to utilities and electrical equipment. Once a card has been detected, the reader toggles a relay that switches on lights, heating and air-conditioning, amongst others. This straightforward, energy-saving concept works because a user has to remove the proximity card from the reader in order to move freely around a site. This is perfect for sites that want to save money on energy bills. Controlling who can operate factory machinery is also easy. Equipment can only be used once the reader recognizes the presence of an authorized card. This restricts the use of machinery to staff who are trained to do so, which is great for complying with health and safety regulations. Select eInquiry #117

Access Control System with New Features

Software House, a part of Tyco Security Products, has added critical security functionality to the latest version of its C-CURE 9000 security and event management system. C-CURE 9000 v1.93 offers more control over who goes where and when, thus creating a more secure environment for employees and visitors, and enhanced safeguarding of confidential information. New security features include: occupancy restrictions (limits the number of people in a given area to protect highly classified information and adhere to occupancy guidelines); N Man Rule (requires more than one person to present a card in order for access to be granted); and clearance filters (adjust clearance levels based on changes in threat level or other emergency situations). Select eInquiry #118

USB Smart Card Reader

HID Global has introduced a portable, dongle-sized USB smart card reader that includes a removable MicroSD flash memory slot and reader for subscriber identity module (SIM)-sized contactless smart cards. By supporting flexible memory up to 32GB, the OMNIKEY 6221 USB reader is both cost-effective and a future-proof investment for organizations looking to improve mobile document security. The reader delivers data protection and secure content issuance using encryption and digital signatures in conjunction with PIN protection. The reader is based on the same technology and drivers as HID's OMNIKEY popular desktop product family of logical access readers, making it easy to integrate into existing applications. Select eInquiry #119

Mini Access Control Data Collector

iBR9000 is the newest in a family of iButton readers designed and manufactured by Videx. Made in the U.S.A., the small and lightweight unit is ideal for use in any checkpoint application where end-users need to know who was there, and when they were there. The miniaturized data collector measures 2-3/4 inches in length, weighs less than 2 ounces, and easily fits on a key ring or in the user's pocket. The unit provides an audible tone and its LED light flashes when it reads an iButton successfully. Thanks to ample memory capacity, end-users can store at least 9,000 reads before the next download of data. The product is powered by a standard 3-volt lithium camera-style battery, good for up to a full year or 75,000 consecutive button reads. Select eInquiry #120

Tailgating Detection System

Keyscan Inc. has added a tailgating detection system (TDS) to its product solutions for access control. The TDS system uses a curtain of 32 IR sensors to determine if more than one person has passed through to a secure area on a single valid card read. The TDS triggers an audible alarm, alerting anyone in the area of the security breach, as well as activating an alarm relay that can be interfaced with an access control system. For high-security areas such as server rooms, man traps, clean rooms, and other security sensitive areas, the TDS adds an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. Each system comes with a Keyscan reader that can be installed within the unit. Select eInquiry #121

Contactless Campus Card Applications

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, manufacturer of Schlage contactless credentials and readers, and Heartland Campus Solutions, have partnered to offer next-generation contactless applications for the campus OneCard market. The offering provides customers with a more open and secure contactless solution. The system offers an array of campus applications - from access control and cafeteria point-of-sale (POS) services to library, parking, event handling and more - with added security and the convenience of contactless smart credential technologies. Select eInquiry #122

Access Control System

Honeywell's NetAXS-123 access control system is a one-, two- or three-door system enabling Web-based access control. The system gives end-users all the benefits of traditional access control, such as helping secure doors, managing employee access and sites remotely and pulling reports easily to meet compliance requirements. Features include a flexible, Web-based design that helps users save time and money by reducing or eliminating costs and oversight associated with PC-based systems by eliminating the expense of servers and software licenses. Because of its Web interface, multiple users can manage the system from any location and avoid potential hardware issues, including system lock-ups and virus attacks. The embedded web server gives users full control to monitor and view live events in real time while allowing users to manually control access areas such as doors and card readers. Select eInquiry #123

Appliance-Based Access Control Solution

Brivo Systems LLC has announced the ACS OnSite Aparato, a full-featured appliance-based access control solution with built-in security features. The solution's Trusted Platform Module (TPM), compliant with ISO Standard 11889, securely stores passwords, digital keys and certificates directly in the system. The TPM, standard in every system, is a hardware-backed software integrity verification function with fully encrypted data storage, employing the government's Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. Use of this standard enhances security and ensures data is safe from both software attacks and physical theft. Other features include offering fully integrated badging, elevator control and video integration. Select eInquiry #124