Product showcase

Video surveillance accessories and access control

FOR-A has introduced the MV-3200 Series multi-viewer , which supports mixed HD, SD, analog and PC signals, and has a variety of on-screen features for a customized display environment. Within its 2 RU frame, up to four input boards and two output boards can be installed to create a multi-viewer with a maximum of 32 inputs and four display outputs. The choice of input boards provides support for various asynchronous HD/SD-SDI, analog composite, and DVI (analog and digital) signals, as well as analog or AES audio. Up to 32 video windows can be displayed for each output board. Both output boards operate independently, so if one malfunctions, the other can continue to display all inputs. Select eInquiry #110

CCTV Security Tester

XFTP by Trilithic has released the STE-1200 CCTV Security Tester for the installation and maintenance of closed circuit video monitoring systems. With a 3.5 inch LCD and the ability to adapt automatically to display video from NTSC or PAL cameras, the unit can be used to display video feeds directly from security cameras, control the movement of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, generate colorbar test images, capture addressing data from serial control systems and test LAN cables. Support for more than 20 PTZ protocols such as Pelco and Samsung allow for easy adjustments, including zoom, pan, tilt, focus and creating preset positions for security cameras. Select eInquiry #111

Video Synopsis Software

BriefCam Ltd.'s Video Synopsis is a proprietary image-processing technology that creates synopses of original full-length surveillance videos. The software provides a complete representation of all events occurring during hours of video footage in a condensed clip as short as a few minutes in length. The synopsis is made possible by simultaneously presenting multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times, enabling the rapid review and indexing of captured video footage - with an index to the original source video; live video feed online and archival video footage offline - for on-the-spot event tracking, forensic investigation and evidence discovery. The technology won the award for "CCTV System Product of the Year" at the recent IFSEC show. Select eInquiry #112

3D Design Tool

Feeling Software has announced Pro Design, the latest product in its Omnipresence 3D suite of physical security applications. Designed for architecture & engineering (A&E) firms, security integrators and security directors, the software uses 3D floor plans and maps for surveillance planning, eliminating countless hours spent back-and-forth between the facility and the office. With instant 3D previews of what each camera covers, planning can now be accomplished more effectively from the comfort of one's desk. Each software license includes 40,000 square feet of custom 3D mapping. Select eInquiry #113

Streaming Audio Solution for Surveillance Systems

Optelecom-NKF's eight-channel Siqura A-80 offers a compact audio and contact closure (CC) solution for an existing or new CCTV system. The lip-synchronization solution is used in combination with the supplier's Siqura multi-channel video codecs. The audio inputs support either line-level or microphone-level with additional biasing to power electret microphones. Eight digital inputs can be configured to initiate CC signals, for example, to activate a network video recorder (NVR) to start recording. Four digital outputs are also available, allowing the unit to connect with third-party devices, such as a programmable logic controller. The product is designed to comply with worldwide adopted standards for streaming audio. Select eInquiry #114

Enhanced Video Walls and Multi-Viewers

RGB Spectrum has expanded the capabilities of its video walls and multi-viewers, including the MediaWall 4500, 4200 and SuperView 5000 products, through the release of an HD-SDI Dual Input Module. The module offers an additional input source interface, opening up display capabilities for television broadcast sources as well as governmental serial digital graphic networks. The module complies with the SMPTE 292 interface standard. Select eInquiry #115