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Video surveillance accessories and access control

Processor for Intelligent Video 

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced the DaVinci DMVA2 video processor, enabling end-users to easily use integrated smart analytics. People counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata analytics are all possible with the processor, while streaming up to 1080p. The integrated, single chip processor reduces board space by one-half, making video analytics possible in a broader range of surveillance applications. The unit is equipped with the supplier's Smart Codec Technology, which provides up to five times the bit rate reduction for improved video quality and network bandwidth. Select eInquiry #116


Mifare-Equipped Card Reader

Paxton Access has developed its Energy saving reader to accept Mifare tokens, making the reader suitable for a range of environments. The reader accepts an authenticated Mifare card to switch on power to utilities and electrical equipment. Once a card has been detected, the reader toggles a relay that switches on lights, heating and air-conditioning, amongst others. This straightforward, energy-saving concept works because a user has to remove the proximity card from the reader in order to move freely around a site. This is perfect for sites that want to save money on energy bills. Controlling who can operate factory machinery is also easy. Equipment can only be used once the reader recognizes the presence of an authorized card. This restricts the use of machinery to staff who are trained to do so, which is great for complying with health and safety regulations. Select eInquiry #117

Access Control System with New Features

Software House, a part of Tyco Security Products, has added critical security functionality to the latest version of its C-CURE 9000 security and event management system. C-CURE 9000 v1.93 offers more control over who goes where and when, thus creating a more secure environment for employees and visitors, and enhanced safeguarding of confidential information. New security features include: occupancy restrictions (limits the number of people in a given area to protect highly classified information and adhere to occupancy guidelines); N Man Rule (requires more than one person to present a card in order for access to be granted); and clearance filters (adjust clearance levels based on changes in threat level or other emergency situations). Select eInquiry #118

USB Smart Card Reader

HID Global has introduced a portable, dongle-sized USB smart card reader that includes a removable MicroSD flash memory slot and reader for subscriber identity module (SIM)-sized contactless smart cards. By supporting flexible memory up to 32GB, the OMNIKEY 6221 USB reader is both cost-effective and a future-proof investment for organizations looking to improve mobile document security. The reader delivers data protection and secure content issuance using encryption and digital signatures in conjunction with PIN protection. The reader is based on the same technology and drivers as HID's OMNIKEY popular desktop product family of logical access readers, making it easy to integrate into existing applications. Select eInquiry #119

Mini Access Control Data Collector