New Threats in Business Communication

That pop-up chat window could cost your business more than a couple of minutes in employee productivity

Only 11% of the companies employ IM gateway/management software. Paul Johns, senior vice president of global marketing at Orchestria Corporation, says that “until now technologies used to monitor and manage policy were not intelligent enough to accurately identify and prevent damaging events from taking place within electronic communications. Alternate solutions identify policy breaches after the event has taken place while some solutions block suspect messages from being sent and redirect them for review by the compliance department.”

Orchestria claims to offer the only technology that enables companies to “stop violations from occurring in electronic communications; deter future violations from occurring; build a trusted source of compliant data and demonstrate the highest levels of good corporate behavior.” Orchestria appears to be the front-runner in the IM policy management software industry that is expected to grow to accommodate the rapidly growing IM space.

What will the future hold? Marty Tacktill, senior director of worldwide public relations at Postini, an integrated message management provider, said, “IM management and protection will become a large market in 2006. Companies have gone through the phases of realizing that IM was being used by employees … and now realizing that they need technology to help them come to grips with the challenges of IM. We are right now seeing the transition of the market from early adopters to mainstream.”

D.E. Levine, CISSP, CFE, FBCI, CPS, a contributing editor to ST&D and co-author of several security books, can be can be reached at