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A look at what's new in the market

Dome Series Debut-ARM Electronics' VPWDPRO series of outdoor tamper-resistant dome cameras provide 650 lines of resolution and wide dynamic range (WDR); use true day/night lenses; and include newly added 3DNR digital noise reduction. Cameras sense dropping light levels and automatically switch from color to B/W for low light, nighttime images.

Door Sensing Technology-BEA's LZR-i30 provides presence detection for industrial doors and uses time-of-flight measurement to scan four planes in front of the door. The three-dimensional presence detector recognizes objects as small as two inches throughout the door opening. It is TšV-certified and IP65-rated.

IR Imager Conquers Day and Night-Bosch Security Systems' Dinion Infrared Imager is a rugged camera for perimeter surveillance and outdoor applications. It provides 2X-Dynamic technology and variable field illumination and delivers up to 525 feet of detection in low or no light.

Touch and Navigate-Crestron's V24-C 24-inch HD Touch Screen Display blends full touchscreen navigation, high-performance graphics and HD video with DigitalMedia 8G+ connectivity and a 24-inch high-definition widescreen display. The newest model in its family of high-definition V-Panel touchscreens, it also features advanced S-PVA display technology.

Manage Energy Consumption-Honeywell Security's 5800ZBRIDGE Wireless Module enables its security systems to control up to four Z-Wave devices. It can automatically set back thermostats and turn lights on or off whenever security systems are armed or disarmed.

Test for Accuracy-Huashi Technology Co.'s HS-CVT9 multi-function CCTV tester tests the camera video, PTZ function, UTP cable work status operated with a visual OSD menu to resolve potential project problems.

Double the Storage-IndigoVision added 2TB disks to its NVR-AS 3000 'Plug & Go' Linux Network Video Recorders (NVRs), doubling the devices' storage capacity without increasing physical footprint, power consumption or associated environmental control equipment. The NVR-AS 3000 provides up to 6TB of usable RAID 5 storage in a single unit.

Access Control Up to the Challenge-Medeco's eCylinders, Logic and Nexgen XT (pictured) series offer functionality to control who has access to restricted areas at any given time and empowers security or facilities managers to pull audit information forensically. The eCylinder line retrofits with no wiring or door preparation and installs in minutes.

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