Cruzin’ with Susan: The New Age Central Station

Progressive and Traditional Monitoring Services combine to give dealers a variety of choices to boost recurring revenue.

Steven Coppola, Jr.
Vice-President – Technical Division Statewide Central Station
Technology plays such an important role that we recently made a huge investment in new systems and new software. Our receivers are able to handle all signal types. Our system uses Caller ID to memorize and recognize format for quicker alarm transmission.

Of course, a major concern today is Disaster Recovery, and we need to be sure the clients served by our dealers will be protected even if our facility is compromised by a massive disaster. Thus, in addition to our “on-premise” back-up power supplies and generators, fortified and protected entrances and redundant building, premises, and personal security, our firm has invested in the most secure off-site back-up services available. We use a Disaster Recovery Center housed in a 27,000-sq.-ft. facility located in Michigan. The 28-station facility uses all of our central station automation features and has uninterrupted power supply and multiple PBX switches.

Our more successful dealers are the ones who are taking advantage of new technology, such as our Internet access, and having their designated clients/end users directly access their own accounts. End users are directly viewing account information, making changes, printing reports, etc.

Security dealers need to introduce customers to the benefits of new technology available today with the same approach that has worked in this business and in all businesses for generations: communication, communication, communication. Dealers who are growing (both in volume and in their use of new technology) are the dealers who communicate with their customer base frequently via mailings, reminders, newsletters, postcards, etc.

Kevin C. McCarthy
National Sales Manager
EMERgency 24
EMERgency 24 has always integrated new technologies into its services. Doing so enables our dealers to: stay competitive in the marketplace, build their businesses, increase their revenue streams and make their day-to-day administrative duties easier.

The nature of third-party central stations is that some of our dealers embrace technology while others shy away from change. The ones that do see the benefits of technology use it to increase their sales offerings by becoming knowledgeable on new product and services and then selling these solutions to their customers.

Our newest technological offerings for dealers include the various types of Internet monitoring: Icom, Ethercom and Netcom. We have developed the software solution to cross-zoning requirements. Dealers will no longer have to replace the panel on their legacy accounts, they may only have to add additional sensors to cover a premise and protect their customers.

EMERgency 24’s Subscriber Internet Service is very popular among our dealers. This service gives the subscriber limited access to their account information. They can make temporary changes to their party list, add or delete passcodes from the system, and even place the account on test and view history. This free service to our dealers allows them to increase their recurring revenue by charging the subscriber a monthly fee, if they should choose to do so.

Video monitoring is another service that is becoming more popular as equipment prices are starting to drop. Because of this drop, we are starting to see an increase in residential applications, where in the past video was limited to commercial users.