Onsite and Remote Integrated Monitoring Solutions

The monitoring side of security is being fueled by new avenues available to dealers to increase the recurring revenue both on commercial and residential accounts. As the security industry continues its migration toward a digitally networked platform, manufacturers in this arena are offering products designed to handle the speed and bandwidth requirements and price points necessary for applications that range from small to enterprise wide.

Remote site management, video observation, data archiving and alarm monitoring are possible with the use of “Smart Hardware” open architecture software applications and network protocols. Third-party central station monitoring facilities and cellular carriers are also involved in this evolution, enabling professional trained interaction with the “Smart Hardware” to provide appropriate timely reactions.

The benefits these technologies bring touch everyone involved in the process. On the front end, your installer’s job is being made easier thanks to simplified installation and configuration. On the back end, the benefits come from enhanced troubleshooting capabilities.

The customer is now afforded flexible system control. The overall community, in general, is experiencing the value of verified alarm reporting, pinpointed alarm dispatches and reduced false alarms.

This technology finds utilization in both manned facilities as well as those where security is required without the benefit of on-site security personnel. These tools also enable non-security type monitoring and intervention for every size client. Here is a collection of items suitable for bringing the new age of world class monitoring to your customers.

New Tools for the Monitoring Trade
AirVisual is an application service provider that specializes in the development of enterprise safety and security software. It makes possible, the management and wireless delivery of visual intelligence including video, audio and text to mobile devices over any network.

The company’s unique software driven solutions allow security professionals, law enforcement personnel, first responders and central stations to remotely access, monitor and control security systems from virtually any manufacturer using any computer or hand-held device such as a cellular phone, PDA or tablet.

Full telemetry enables control over internal functions such as PTZ control, DVR set-up/programming and access control with advanced notification features—including the ability to send bookmarks with specific information related to alarm events.

AirVisual’s product suite is comprised of three remote applications: IntelliViewer—a wireless video monitoring platform; TransViewer—a mobile vehicle surveillance solution; and RoadViewer—a wireless traffic information system. All three remote monitoring/control solutions are built on AirVisual’s core expertise in the management and delivery of wireless video, audio and text.

AirVisual’s IntelliViewer is a hosted software application that enables video surveillance (live and archived video in real time), access control and security systems to be accessed, monitored and controlled using any networked or mobile device. The remote solution delivers full telemetry to control internal functions such as PTZ operation or DVR programming via a secure network connection.

TransViewer delivers real-time images from the inside of a vehicle, multiplexes and records up to eight video cameras and two channels of audio. The system can also respond to panic alarms and processes GPS information to instantly locate a vehicle to facilitate faster and more efficient responses. The instant visual access capabilities of the system empowers command center operations to act quickly and confidently, improving safety and streamlining routine functions by providing a wide range of vehicle information.

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