Onsite and Remote Integrated Monitoring Solutions

RoadViewer alleviates many of the problems first responders experience due to everyday traffic by providing them a real-time view of traffic conditions. The system captures live video images from traffic camera networks and sends them along with alerts or other text-based information to wireless devices such as cell phones, PDAs or in-vehicle systems. The off-the-shelf solution works with existing GPS, sensor and map applications and can be integrated with intelligent transportation system (ITS) platforms for advanced traffic management. Various configurations are available for city emergency services, business fleets and individual daily commuters.

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Instant Status Reports
American Fibertek Afinety System allows security professionals to access the status of any of the American Fibertek digital fiber optic transceivers and the cameras they are connected to using a standard web browser. Status can be monitored from virtually any location where Internet service is accessible.

In the event of an alarm condition, Afinety e-mails the system administrator with real-time status of the problem. As a result, alarms can be instantly evaluated as “hard” or “soft” failures so technicians can prepare themselves with the equipment they need. Afinety is a firmware driven monitoring module designed as displayed within a Web browser. The system offers extensive system status monitoring for American Fibertek’s continually expanding line of digital transceivers employed on a network platform.

Afinety provides a direct ID/status link to each transceiver in the system including the name/location of the site, rack identification, the type of device in each slot of the rack, the serial number of the device and run-time hours. Status indication includes power, video level to verify camera operation, optical loss, temperature, contact status and signal verification. Afinety is password protected to prevent unauthorized access to system status information.

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Enhancing Remote Site Monitoring and Control Capabilities
The Integrated Data Manager (IDM) from Honeywell is a data-monitoring solution that enables complete integration of transaction data with its corresponding video from multiple sites via LAN/WAN or DSL. Ideal for the casino, retail, hospitality and financial industries, IDM uses Microsoft’s .Net technology that allows quick integration with major POS systems, slot machines, cash counters, ATMs, online systems or any data-generating device.

Rapid Eye LT Digital Recording & Transmission System from Honeywell is a digital storage management tool that combines video, audio, and data capabilities in a single remote unit. The system consists of three major components: the Recorder Unit (RU), featuring LocalView, the local user interface that provides on-site video, audio and data management capabilities and basic system and camera configuration; ONEADMIN Software, the workstation/server-based administration tool capable of single site and multiple user management; and VIEW Software, the workstation-based operator program.

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Working Hand-in-Hand
OzVision OzLine video alarm monitoring units fully integrate with all major central station software. They are a natural upgrade to an alarm system. The missing link between intrusion and video, they provide video verification, open/close video reports, notification upon event by e-mail and scheduled video tours.

OzVision has integrated its solution with the major automation software companies including MAS, Bold, Dice and SIMS. These integrated solutions allow central stations to become OzVision Compatible and offer video monitoring services.

The OzLine 2CS has two alarm inputs and transmits high-quality remote video images over standard telephone lines. The 2CS adds a small business and residential solution to OzVision’s other central station products, the four-channel OzLine 4CS and the feature-rich 12CS 12-channel unit.

These devices send pre- and post-video clips to the central station for verification. End users can also dial in using the included Control Center software to view live video from any computer.

OzVision has also collaborated with Honeywell for advanced monitoring capabilities. Honeywell’s V4000 Remote Video System is an OzVision compatible, “plug-and-play,” event-driven, video verification module that integrates seamlessly with its VISTA Series alarm panels. The V4000 works like a digital dialer in an alarm panel by dialing in to the central station and transmitting pre- and post-video clips of a triggered event over standard telephone and cellular lines.