Onsite and Remote Integrated Monitoring Solutions

Video clips from the V4000 are digitized and compressed using OzVision’s patented video compression technology to create files that are much smaller than conventional ones and which maintain a high level of video quality regardless of the amount of motion captured. Receiving pre- and post-alarm video clips simultaneously with the alarm signal enables the central station dispatchers to prioritize and verify alarms before acting on them—an ideal solution to the false alarm problem and no-response policies.

>Dual Detection and Quad Confirmation
The VIR-100 from Security Labs, Inc. combines passive infrared and video motion detection into a single device. Each element must agree on the cause for activation before an alarm output trigger is generated. A grid of 144 video motion detection points can be selected On or Off to establish an exact field of coverage. IR LEDs for night vision and a weatherproof case design make the VIR100 extremely versatile.

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Powered Video Monitoring System
The Perseus mPowered Video Monitoring System offers event-based alerts, real-time video and storage and delivers mobile security monitoring to a PC or handheld device, including cellular phones. Business owners and security managers can utilize the mPowered/video system to remotely observe and control key operations using video and other sensor-based alarms.

The mPowered video solution is event-driven, allowing each user to customize which event to monitor and whether data and video will be delivered to their PC or cellular phone. Users can customize the camera views, alarm and alert schedules.

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Starts with the Image
IQinVision’s IQeye501 megapixel network camera delivers high-speed IP video and great day/night performance in an attractive, low-profile package. Users are able to select the resolution they want, when they want it, from CIF/CCTV up to 1.3 megapixel.

The IQeye501 offers an industrial design that ensures reliable operation even in the most demanding network environments. The IQeye can run in standalone mode or can be integrated with other systems via its complete Software Developer’s Kit and API.

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