Securing Banking & Financial Centers

A complex financial center thinks outside the box to increase security and save money.

Tips to Live By
There are many ways to address upgrades. The answers you develop for your organization will probably use different components than those listed here. However, there are some key points to focus on.

  • Base your security program on a risk management and risk assessment that is both understood and supported by management.
  • Determine what security program elements are necessary to satisfactorily address those risk management objectives.
  • Thoroughly review available products and services that could be used as elements of the program.
  • Understand the expense levels involved, not just for implementation, but also for ongoing support. Always keep in mind the existing investment in technology and whether it can still address your needs.
  • Think outside the box. Don’t accept the standard answer; be creative and form your own program by using all the options available to you. In the case highlighted here, the tried and true method would have cost 10 times the solution that was installed.
  • Be willing to use quality commodity components.
  • Be willing to invest in training your staff. Factor in the cost of training and the cost of outside providers of service over the long haul.
  • Use good project management skills to coordinate your conversions and monitor your success factors.
  • Don’t assume something is still effective just because it's still working.

If all appears to be going well, then you have clearly overlooked something. Carefully examine your safety and security plans, and be creative in solving new problems.

Eduard L. Telders is the director of enterprise information security at T-Mobile. Since 1981 he has served in physical security, information security, corporate contingency planning and safety programs in the banking, insurance and financial industries. He is active in a number of security trade groups and associations for both physical and information security, and he is a contributing technical editor for ST&D.