Cruzin’ with Susan

A pit stop in the Criticom International booth at the ISC conference in New York, NY recently proved to be enlightening. Tom Few, Jr. was happy to talk about the support programs Criticom is offering dealers. The company is not only investing in its new customers, it is giving back to the industry.

“In essence, we are giving our dealers a signing bonus for moving monitoring contracts to Criticom,” states Few, Jr., vice president, marketing and sales for Criticom.

Criticom has introduced the security industry’s first Cash Advance Incentive Program (CAIP). This unique program, available to security alarm dealers who are not currently monitoring all their accounts with Criticom, offers a cash loan up front to a dealer who signs a multi-year monitoring agreement for accounts moved to and monitored with Criticom.

“We found that many dealers were not completely satisfied with their current monitoring program, but were not switching because there was not enough incentive to do so,” Few, Jr. continues. “The CAIP program is an aggressive plan designed to encourage those dealers to switch to Criticom.”

The principal amount of the loan will be waived over the period of the monitoring agreement. At the conclusion of the monitoring agreement, all accrued interest will also be waived. The amount of the loan advanced will be determined by the term of the monitoring agreement as well as the number of subscribers being monitored.

There are no restrictions or stipulations as to how you use the cash received, whether for personal or business purposes. “It’s a win for everyone…the dealer gets interest-free, principle-free cash up front to use any way they like, and Criticom gets new accounts,” Few, Jr. comments.

According to Few, Jr., there’s no other program like this in the security industry. “This is just one more reason that it ‘pays’ to use Criticom for your monitoring needs,” he adds.

Criticom operates multiple fully redundant, state-of-the-art Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and Factory Mutual approved facilities in New Jersey, Minnesota and California. In addition to its own CAIP, Criticom took part as one of the sponsors of the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) New Member Double Bonus Program, which brought in nearly 300 new member companies, Few, Jr. reports.

The program began in February with three sponsoring organizations: ADI, Criticom International, and the National Training School (NTS). New member companies who joined the association between Feb. 15 and Aug. 15 received a total of $150 in incentives ($50 each from ADI, Criticom and NTS) over and above the discounts and services available to all 2005 members.

According to NBFAA Senior Director of Business Development, Tonja Jenkins, the program was the brainchild of NBFAA Vice President Counte Cooley. It will continue in 2006.

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