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The One-Page Model
What are some techniques for improving conference sessions and other trade show seminars that take place by the hundreds throughout the industry?

A: One technique is where presenters use a consistent (and unique!) model for their presentation materials. In each session, the presenter limits the presentation materials to a One-Page resource. This could be anything they chose that would guide their presentation, such as a slide, a poster, a mind-map, a single question or even just one word! This “One-Page” Model has amazing consequences, adding a level of interactivity you rarely find at seminars or workshops.

The objective behind this model is simple. First, it forces students to focus on the presenter—not a screen behind the presenter. The people attending the session are also assured that the scope of the session is better defined to the appropriate time slot allotted.

Conferences, trade show programs and other similar training events are notorious for having one common problem: the presenters try to provide too much information in the short amount of time they have the audience together. With the One-Page Model, presenters become facilitators, working within their seminars to create dialogue and interactivity instead of lecturing for 60 minutes.

The “handout” becomes a tool for discussion, drill down questions, benchmarking and on-going conversation. Statistics indicate that the more people are involved in their learning, the more they will retain. Retention is greatly aided when involving multiple senses in the learning process.

If as an industry this One-Page approach could be implemented, it would prove to be the refreshing change security conference and seminar sessions need. Industry “roundtable events” will truly be a roundtable forum with group participation under this model instead of the classic lecture events they are today. Participants at events could receive both a hard copy of the One-Page Model for the session as well as access to the resource posted on a coinciding online site. Each facilitator could link to lots of other resources from their online One-Page Model.

Dare I get carried away, seminar providers who wanted to take their sessions to the next level could provide a complete set of text, visual and audio materials on a website for attendees to review prior to or after the training session. Utilizing a widely growing technology called PodCasting, those interested could download audio files of the entire seminar to their iPods. Quickly becoming a tool of the trade for training professionals, PodCasting can be used to share prerequisite information prior to a seminar or to share the actual seminar audio content for those that could not attend the live event.

Whether it is the One-Page Model or PodCasting, approaching security industry seminars and workshops from the perspective of interactivity gives everyone the chance to take some of the best events and training opportunities in the world.

Connie Moorhead is the President of The CMOOR Group and founder of SecurityCEU.com, Louisville, KY. CMOOR is a full-service education solution provider, custom online content development and Webinar service firm focusing exclusively on the security, manufacturing, and construction industries. SecurityCEU is an industry certification resource and online continuing education provider. Send your training questions and needs to questions@cmoor.com.