Access Control Case in Point: Wireless System Helps Eliminate Break-Ins

Quebec car dealership uses access control to solve security issues

The wireless system uses ZigBee technology to provide effective communications. Its low-power digital radio signals ensure fast data transfer and long battery life. To upgrade to this option, the dealership simply added lock upgrade kits, which preserved their original lock investment on each door, and the ZigBee Gateway and Router devices enabled communication between the locks and computer without the need for network connections.

The ZigBee Gateway (required) plugged directly into the computer server via a USB cable, and an additional ZigBee Router was placed in Corso’s office for built-in redundancy. With the supplemental router, the system created its own mesh network, ensuring that the wireless network is continuously operational. In the future, Corso plans to install a second router in the service area to include additional access points around the property.

Since the system has been implemented, Corso says there have not been any break-ins, and incidents of employees and the public violating access-controlled areas has been curbed.

“The system is convenient for our operations while also being a deterrent,” Corso says. “Getting robbed throws your entire business off for three or four days — employees do not fully focus on work, productivity goes down, and more distressing than that, employees do not feel safe. Our system is more than access control, it’s our security partner.”