New Products September

Password Protected Kantech’s Video Vault application enables users to automatically archive video associated with critical access control events complete with thumbnail images. Embedded within the Kantech access control system, Video Vault...

6e uses MS SQL database and has high-level system features such as On Screen Display of Live Video, NVR/DVR Integration, Database and Workstation Partitioning, Auto-Population/Auto-Configuration, Crystal Reports and a Photo ID Badge Design environment. 6e supports more than 500 readers that can be used for door access control, elevator floor access control, energy control and other functions. It also provides a platform for the entire spectrum of Alarm Monitoring with the ability to report and display events in near real time, coupled with detailed information about every event and clear concise operator instructions. For more information, visit

A Long-Range Wireless Intercom/Callbox
The rugged 6 Series OutPost from Ritron puts wireless voice communication right where you need it without costly trenching or monthly fees. It provides long-range (miles, not feet) two-way voice communication from a fixed location to two-way radio equipped personnel. The 6 Series callbox includes a wireless activated switch closure used to control gates, activate CATV, or other devices, while the basic 1 Series callbox is used for two-way communications only. For more information, visit

Meeting New UL Standards
Notification devices from System Sensor Audible/Visible meet the compliance standards set by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for Current Draw and Voltage Drop. Previously, UL-measured Current Draw post-in rush current and did not take into consideration the in-rush or the peak current. The new measurement standard requires all manufacturers to publish one number that considers the in-rush current, peak current and the average current, measures in Root Mean Squared. While the measurement equation remains the same for Voltage Drop, UL now requires all 12V products to be listed between 8 – 17.5V and all 24V products to be listed between 16 – 33V. Any product that does not fall into either category must be listed as a special application. For more information, visit

Compression for DVD Quality Images
I.B.T. Video Systems incorporates POS interfacing and smart search technology into the DVSR1000 Professional class DVR version 2.8. This system allows up to 16 POS devices with up to 32 video inputs at 240fps record/display. The DVSR1000 features advanced MPEG4 compression for DVD quality images and small file size, user-friendly interface, multi-level password protection and full remote access capabilities. TV output is included for a public view monitor. For more information, visit

New Digital Shock Detector
Rokonet launches ShockTec, a digital shock detector. It includes a tri-color LED for simple and reliable adjustment. The LED indicates over-sensitive, under-sensitive and correct adjustment, addressing the challenge of consistent and reliable shock detector calibration. The ShockTec detectors can be installed on any window frame or glass, door, wall or roof. It includes a magnetic contact adding an additional security feature to the detector when installed on doors or windows. The vibration signal from the piezo-electric sensor in ShockTec is amplified in two different gains, achieving a wide dynamic range. The advanced digital microprocessor then analyzes the two signals simultaneously for frequency, energy, amplitude and duration utilizing intelligent Digital Signal Processing methods. For more information, visit

Telephone Zone Controller
Wheelock, Inc. expands the line of enhancements for its SAFEPATH4 Supervised Multi-Function Communications System with the introduction of the SP4-TZC Telephone Zone Controller. It allows users to control selectable paging and background music on the SAFEPATH4, which offers these capabilities as well as voice evacuation and general paging in one system. The Telephone Zone Controller also allows access to individual or multiple speaker zones throughout the SP40/2 system via the telephone. For more information, visit

New Network Server
Vicon Industries Inc. releases the VN-301T Network Server, a digital video transmitter powered by ViconNet software platform. ViconNet is flexible and allows each VN-301T to collect local video from its analog input and send streamed video over the network to the ViconNet Video Management and Configuration Software or Kollector Elite recorders. ViconNet also powers each VN-301T with the ability to be remotely configured from other recorders and workstations on the network. Changes to transmitter parameters are possible from one or more ViconNet Video Management and Configuration Software or Kollector Elite recorders. The VN-301T supports full PTZ control, alarms, picture quality configuration, external sensors and macros and distributes its own collected video to each workstation, or other Kollector Elite Server, upon request over a network. For more information, visit