New Products September

Password Protected Kantech’s Video Vault application enables users to automatically archive video associated with critical access control events complete with thumbnail images. Embedded within the Kantech access control system, Video Vault...

Touch Screens
Through an affiliation with 3M Touch Systems, AGN Professional (AGNPRO) now offers a wide range of products enabled with 3M MicroTouch touch screens and controllers for superior reliability. AGNPRO offers durable touch screens for POS, access control and CCTV applications. The commercial line includes TSC Capacitive Series Desktop monitors featuring 3M MicroTouch ClearTek sensors, which provide the extra durability, reliability and accuracy needed for monitoring and controlling critical systems. For interactive kiosks, consoles and other embedded applications, touch enabled open frame displays that can be customized to meet project requirements are recommended. For more demanding environments, AGNPro’s touch enabled rugged metal enclosure Industrial line would be better suited. It includes IP65 compliant Industrial Panel Mount, totally enclosed Chassis Mount, and Open-Chassis models. It’s suited for extremely harsh environments such as industrial automation, military, outdoor and other specialized applications. AGNPRO touch screens are available in 6.4-, 8.4-, 10.4-, 12.1-, 15-, 17-, and 19-in. TFT LCD in commercial plastic resin housing or industrial metal enclosure. For more information, visit

New Family of Readers Delivers Next Generation of Proximity Control
Honeywell introduces OmniClass smart card readers and credentials. They offer advanced reader-to-credential communications and encryption, allowing customers to only have to issue a single card. OmniClass family features include: 64-bit security encryption of card data with a diversified key that is nearly impossible to clone; memory on-board credentials that provide secure space for use by other applications, such as ePurse or biometrics; and standard Wiegand output wiring that makes OmniClass readers compatible with new and many retrofit applications. For more information, visit

Network Camera Offers Audio AND Video Conferencing Capabilities
The new PTC-401C IP Network PTZ camera from ELMO combines digital video output from a built-in Web server with MPEG-4/ motion JPEG compression; and analog video output in one unit while making the digitized video available over LAN, WAN, or public Ethernet connections. Excellent for surveillance, Elmo’s first day/night IP camera uses a removable IR cut filter to improve images in low light. Its audio functions also make it effective in videoconferencing systems. The camera is designed for indoor installation and employs a dual compression package which delivers simultaneous, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video, making it possible to adjust image size and quality to meet the needs of a specific application or changing network conditions. It delivers up to 30fps for users viewing with either the client software or Web browsers.

The camera allows analog video to be fed to a standard CCTV system, viewed and recorded with Elmo’s proprietary software over the network, as well as remote viewing with any Web browser. For more information, visit

Keeping an Eye on Things
The VIDEYE and MODEYE cameras from NetMedia, Inc. feature contemporary styling with a range of indoor applications. The camera’s “eyeball” swivels and adjusts for the desired field of view. The mounting ring secures the internal base to the mounting surface, giving the camera a low profile on either a wall or ceiling mount. Its exterior ring is 4.6 in. in diameter and has a low 1.5-in. height profile. All the wiring is routed internally for a smooth, sleek appearance. Both the VIDEYE (general purpose security camera) and the MODEYE (camera and modulator in one assembly) are available with a choice of B/W, color and IR sensitive color cameras. NetMedia’s exclusive CAModulator can be found in the MODEYE model. This feature is a self-contained camera and modulator that converts the video signal to a selected television channel. For more information, visit

Access Control Power Supply
Honeywell Power Products (HPP), provider of power supplies and related accessories for the fire, video, access control and security segments, announces its new Access Control Power Supply Group. This UL listed product line provides 12 or 24VDC power and begins with the single output HP300ULX at 2.5A, the HP400ULX at 4A and the HP600ULX with 6 amps of output power. Packaged together with the HPMOM5 interface module featuring six synchronized PTC protected outputs triggered by a fire alarm panel or access control system, the models are HP300ULM, HP400ULM and HP600ULM. The six amp model also comes packaged with the HPACM8 access control module featuring eight independently operated PTC outputs, called the HP600ULACM8.

The Access Control Power Supply Group offerings have a large enclosure to ease wiring and accommodate batteries. They feature AC input and DC output LED diagnostic indicators, a hinged cover and vented enclosure with five convenient knockouts, circuit-breaker battery protection and a built-in charger for sealed lead-acid or gel-type batteries. For more information, visit