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Exceeding Expectations, One Customer at a Time
Since acquiring Tri-Ed distribution earlier this year, CEO Steve Roth and his management team have been working hard to deliver what they promised—the best value proposition possible to customers. To that end, the independent distribution company has been expanding its U.S. footprint and its staff.

Recent branch location openings include: Boston, managed by Sean Guilfoyle, located at 392 University Place in Westwood, MA; Kansas City, managed by Tommy Andrade, located at 8317 Melrose Drive in Lanexa, KS; Buffalo, located at 4950 Genesee Street, Suite 13 in Cheektowaga, NY; San Antonio, managed by Rick Harrall, located at 121 Interpark Blvd., Suite 507 in San Antonio, TX; and, the New Orleans branch, located at 3229 26th Street in Metarie, LA.

Pat Comunale, COO notes, “Tri-Ed’s new branches will provide local system dealers with experienced customer service representatives, the latest order processing technology and effective systems training in the latest products and systems. Our professional sales staff and systems specialists offer our customers the best opportunities for growing their business.”

“As Tri-Ed continues to grow,” Roth adds, “we will continue to enhance the level of service and the completeness of the product offerings and expand our branch locations.” In addition to its headquarters in Mississauga, Canada, Tri-Ed also operates out of its U.S. corporate headquarters in Woodbury, NY. For more information, visit www.tri-ed.com.

Video Offerings Enhanced
ScanSource Security Distribution is bolstering its video surveillance product offering with the recent addition of several new best-of-breed manufacturer partners. The company has added Everfocus, Electronics Line USA, Insite Video, The Logica Group, Nitek, Orion Images and Tamron lenses to its line card. EverFocus is a designer of CCTV products, including digital video recorders, color video processors, black-&-white video processors, CCD cameras and other peripherals. Electronics Line USA designs, develops and manufactures cutting-edge CCTV equipment, access control products, as well as wireless and wired burglar alarm systems for the residential, commercial and industrial security markets. Insite Video Systems manufactures surveillance and wireless transmission products, specializing in the manufacturing of covert wireless surveillance systems, whose applications include surveillance for commercial and residential use. The Logica Group provides a complete line of CCTV, access control, alarm, video intercom and fire products for protecting people, securing property, and assuring life safety. NITEK develops and manufactures a line of products, primarily used in closed circuit video and control system applications, that are designed to provide video links, data links and power over twisted pair cables and leased telephone lines. Orion Images Corporation manufactures TFT monitors and security surveillance LCD monitors, which feature all-weather high resolution with no reflection and no blackout screen.

New Product Line Offered Mayflower is distributing Rixson’s 2900 Door Opener. Where ADA accessibility is required, Rixson’s 2900 Door Opener is recommended for doors in low to moderate traffic applications that are too heavy to be controlled by traditional low-energy operators. The 2900 automatically opens the door while using a floor closer to hang and close the door. The 2900 controls the heaviest of doors by a patented system of balanced pivots. It can be surface mounted to offset or center hung doors while the door is “in place,” reducing installation down time. Suggested applications include controlling doors for retirement and assisted living homes, hotel and dorm rooms, office corridors, smoke ventilation and fire doors. Mayflower technical staff can assist if there are questions regarding application or installation. For complete information, visit www.mfsales.com.

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