Managing and migrating aged legacy systems

Practical advice for upgrading

Integration where quality and reliability are foremost in your selection process will require verification and testing. Many systems exist in the market that provide encryption, back-up utilities, e-mail and text messaging, elevator controls, video integration, integrated photo ID badging, smart card and biometric device integration and alarm panel integration.

Hybrid devices abound with Digital Video Recorders. Your advisor will need to help you understand not only compression issues and data capturing techniques and storage capacities, but also how this serves the solution vs. a product need.

On the list of provider must-haves are:

1. A thorough understanding interaction between design and the challenges which must be met to satisfy all codes - local and federal - for life safety, etc.

2. A robust knowledge of and verifiable network-centric certifications as well as manufacturer product certifications are needed, ensuring that expectations can be met or at least can be aligned to product realities and limitations.

Migration provides an opportunity to explore virtual security operations center potential available with new technologies. Lastly, your exploration of system migration strategies and solutions provides an opportunity to take stock of all of your risk assessment assumptions and ensure you and your team are in alignment.