Cool as McCumber

Rubber, meet road

Hard times force organizations to reevaluate their spending and encourage new ways of doing business. During these transitional periods, we have a chance to literally reinvent the way we interact with government. Why do government agencies need to build and maintain expensive data centers? Why not outsource the data and applications management to someone who does it for a living? Why does your county need to operate brick-and-mortar offices where citizens can come in and wait for three hours to talk with a government functionary? Why not use technology to connect those needing services with the those than can best provide them?

We can use this economic recession to either scramble trying to protect the status quo, or leverage it as a springboard to a better, more efficient way of interacting with our government. The people at this conference were the leaders looking for this better alternative. Our elected representatives in Washington need to do the same.

As soon as I finish this cocktail at the Fleener Security booth, I'm writing a letter to my representatives!

John McCumber is a security and risk professional, and is the author of "Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: A Structured Methodology," from Auerbach Publications. If you have a comment or question for him, please e-mail John at: