Product Watch

Functional Towers for Outdoor Applications
The CT 60176 tower from Chase Security Systems, measured at 60 inches tall by 17 inches wide with a depth of six inches, is designed to house three cameras which can monitor inbound and outbound traffic or focus on specific details such as license plates or driver’s faces. The tower can be also be used to house HID card readers, intercoms, keypads and other access control devices.


Next in Line for Video/Data Multiplexer Solutions
The ValueLine FVT/FVR812(M) Series from ComNet transmits eight channels of video, utilizing state-of-the-art digital encoding and decoding for high-quality video transmission, along with two channels of bi-directional data and one bi-directional contact closure over a single-mode or multimode optical fiber. It is compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM video transmission protocols and supports bi-directional RS232, 422 and 485 (two and four-wire) data.


A Trio of Product Solutions
Firetide now offers three new products that provide performance and reliability for real-time voice, video and data applications: the Firetide WLAN Controller (FWC 2050); indoor dual-radio 802.11n MIMO access point (HotPoint® 5100); and outdoor dual-radio access point (HotPoint 5200). The HotPoint 5100 indoor and HotPoint 5200 outdoor access points provide high capacity and enterprise scalability. The FWC 2050 auto-discovers and connects the HotPoint access points.



Monitor Diagnosis and Affirm With This Tool
The Tracker 4See™, an IP-addressable microcontroller from General Digital™, is designed specifically to provide technicians with access to calibration, configuration, control and correction of an LCD monitor, all via a Web-driven interface. So long as it is connected to the Internet, trained technicians will be able to monitor a flat panel display, make adjustments and diagnose any problem areas.



New Additions to Illuminator Line
Geutebruck’s newly added, maintenance-free LED, infrared (IR) and white light illuminators to their Helios range feature high power LED technology to provide adaptive illumination and an eco-logic mode to reduce normal power consumption by 50 percent. Additional capabilities include: full power on request provision; timer control of modes; remote dimming; a short term booster to increase the light output by 33 percent; and a perma light function for constant output over the whole operating period. 

Delivering on the Promise of IP
The HD4MDIP rugged, indoor/outdoor mini-dome IP camera is the latest addition to Honeywell’s line of high-definition, IP cameras. It provides 720p resolution at full frame rate, features a low power-consumption rate and upholds the ability to be retrofitted on many existing digital and network video recorder installations without requiring additional storage capabilities. It also features an externally accessible Web-based menu that lets operators view and control cameras from virtually anywhere.

Lighting for Hazardous LocationsLarson Electronics added a Class 1- and Class 2-rated explosion-proof LED drop light on an explosion-proof reel to its wide array of hazardous location lighting. With lower operating temperatures, brighter light and drop-proof durability, the EHL-LED-7W-50-HR explosion-proof hand lamp with 50-foot SOOW cord reduces the need for re-lamping and maintenance. 

New Light Control Solutions
—Lutron Electronics Co. expanded its family of Maestro® and Maestro® wireless sensors and controls. New wired control products include an in-wall occupancy/vacancy dimmer and switch and a no-neutral-wire-required in-wall occupancy/vacancy sensor with switch. Other new wireless control and wireless sensor products include a three-wire fluorescent dimmer; an ELV dimmer; a wall-mount Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy/vacancy sensor; a corner-mount Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor; and much more.

Smart ‘SFIC’ Solutions
Medeco’s NEXGEN XT is the company’s latest addition to its “Smart SFIC Solutions” product lineup. Available beginning in August from authorized Medeco dealers, NEXGEN XT allows facilities that utilize small format interchangeable core cylinders (SFIC) to quickly and easily retrofit those cylinders to add user scheduling, audit logs of entry, and key expiration without any wiring, hardware changes, or door and frame modifications. The NEXGEN XT cylinders hold up to 2,000 audit events and the keys retain up to 5,000 events.

Industrial Computing Goes Solar
The IA3341 Series from Moxa is designed for solar power and environmental monitoring applications and provides reliable computing for any harsh industrial environment. It is also designed to replace the traditional embedded computer and I/O module solutions by integrating the two together. It features two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, dual LANs, four digital input channels and four digital output channels. 

Social Apps Get SecureMy Safe Corp. announced a new security application, mysafeFriend, on the Facebook platform, designed to give social media users the opportunity to create a secure digital identity that will be validated and recognizable by one’s friends online. MysafeFriend secures the virtual identity of Facebook users through an easy to understand five-level system designed to allow the user’s friends to validate their identification.

Video Transmission/Reception Combined
The SecurityTronix ST-CCTV-VBACTX Active Video Transmitter and the ST-CCTV-VBACRX Active Video Receiver from North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE) together form an active video balun transceiver allowing the transmission/reception of real-time video over UTP cable. Key benefits include longer transmission distance (up to 3,000 feet) over CAT 5, 5e or 6 cable while maintaining high quality video signal, low cable and installation costs, excellent interference rejection and high reliability.

‘Next’ Level Portable Computer
The NextDimension Evo Plus HD, a portable computer from NextComputing, makers of high-performance portable servers and workstations, is designed to meet the needs of users who require very high disk storage capacity and storage data rates, a large amount PCI expansion, or a combination of both. It features multiple RAID options using integrated SATA/SAS RAID controller or plug-in RAID controllers; up to six full-height, full-length PCI expansion slots, (six PCI Express slots and one PCI-X slot); and much more.

UL Listed and Strength Approved
The RCI 6 Series “All-in-One” and 0162 Surface Mounted Electric Rim Strike from Rutherford Controls are UL tested and listed to 1500 pounds static strength. Standard features of RCI’s “All-in-One” 6 Series include: a multi-voltage single solenoid; selectable lock mode; horizontal adjustment; and plug-in wire connectors. The 0162 Surface mounted Rim Strike features a rugged, stainless steel construction and conventional keeper design, voltage for additional flexibility in the field, plug-in wire connectors for a fast and easy installation and up to ¼-inch horizontal adjustment for mis-aligned doors and frames.

Enterprise Application Router
The SmartNode™ 5200 Enterprise Session Border Router from Patton Electronics Co. enables IP-based data routing for enterprises in need of a single integrated access device to support their IP data and voice connectivity needs. Routing capabilities include RIP v1/v2, virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP), Loopback interfaces as well as advanced techniques like policy based routing (PBR).

Shelving Versatility to Fit Your Needs
Premier Mounts’ “P” Series Video Conference & Equipment Shelf 100 (P-VCES100) shelf system mounts the video conferencing cameras above the flat-panel display and can “daisy-chain” the A/V equipment or computers below it. The P-VCES100 is designed to solve installation problems where source equipment and/or a video conferencing camera needs to be installed next to a flat panel.

Technology Upgrade
Stemming from a partnership between NICE Systems and Esri, a leading provider of geographical information system (GIS) software, the two companies will enhance NICE Situator with Esri’s GIS capabilities for enhanced situation management. Under an OEM agreement, the integrated solution combines NICE Situator’s data fusion, analysis and automated response capabilities, with Esri’s spatial analysis, data management, and GIS mapping, to improve situational awareness and real-time situation management. The new integrated solution will serve the security operations needs of seaports, airports, public transport, railways, city centers, military organizations, as well as enterprises.

Firmware Upgrade Deployed
RF Monolithics, Inc. enhanced its M2M portfolio of wireless communications products with the Version 2.0 firmware upgrade for its DNT series of 900MHz and 2.4GHz proprietary FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) RF modules. The upgraded firmware features new software-configurable Tree Routing with fail-over. Now, any node can be a routing node through software configuration and a virtually unlimited number of nodes can join the network. Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) port operation has also been added in the Version 2.0 firmware.

Push/Pull Trim for Healthcare
A new Push/Pull trim on the 8200 mortise lock from SARGENT Manufacturing Company is now available. It provides a functional ligature-resistant solution for behavioral health units and features multiple mounting options. Easy door activation and an ergonomic paddle offers a target for elbows and hips, giving healthcare staff options when their hands are full. ADA-compliant Push/Pull trim is available now for mortise configurations. 

Healthcare Residence Protection
The MyCall resident call system from Stanley Healthcare Solutions offers assisted living and other senior care facilities with an easily implemented wireless solution to enable residents to call for help from anywhere within the facility. Using a mostly wireless infrastructure for easy installation, it is designed to integrate with Stanley Healthcare Solutions’ RoamAlert® wander prevention system to create a single point for monitoring wander, resident call, and even fall monitor alarms.

Customization in 240 Ways
STI now offers their new “Push to Exit” button insert included in the Universal Button kit. The single-gang UB-1 button has two sets of Form “C” contacts which cover almost all electrical combinations required.  The faceplate is constructed of cast aluminum; the installer simply has to choose which lens cover, button insert and changeable message plate works best for the customers need. It offers 240 different combinations for the price of a standard one configuration button.

Built Tough for Security Checkpoint Apps
The iBR9000, the newest in a family of iButton readers from Videx, is ideal for use in any checkpoint application, designed to electronically document security guard checkpoints, inmate tracking and safety and fire inspections. Powered by a standard 3-volt lithium camera-style battery, it can store at least 9,000 reads before the next download of data. This miniaturized data collector measures 2-¾ inches in length, weighs less than two ounces and easily fits on a key ring or in the user’s pocket. 

Ethernet Switch Tackles Hazardous Areas
The EH7300 series of Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch from Atop is specially designed for harsh industrial environments, and comply with CE, FCC, UL, CUL, CB, RoHS and railway standards. It features a rugged IP50 certificated housing with DIN-Rail/wall mounting maintenance and provides redundant two power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to wide-range DC power sources.

Next Generation Home Security and Control
The second PowerLink generation, PowerLink2, from Visonic offers additional compelling advantages for central stations and service providers, including more reliable communication, reduced costs and the opportunity to differentiate themselves through premium services. Additional features include a smaller hardware module; a new and improved interface; remote programming of the control panel via the IPMP server; installation diagnostics via the panel diagnostics menu; and support connectivity of up to 12 wireless or wired Ethernet cameras.

Wireless Sensor at Your Driveway
HAI’s (Home Automation Inc) 63A00-1 Wireless Driveway Sensor, part of HAI’s wireless security product line, now shipping, uses Earth’s magnetic field to detect moving metal objects (such as automobiles) that pass by it. It can be used to turn on outdoor lighting when approaching, or alert homeowners with video surveillance when a visitor has entered the driveway. It features two unique mounting options via the included stake or post/wall mount. The Wireless Driveway Sensor requires the use of an HAI 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (HAI part number 45A00-1).


Improve and Simply Your ROIThe Project System® complete business software system from DoveNet Technologies is designed to simplify and speed up the repetitive work of writing estimates, orders and proposals and then keeping track of them as projects progress. It gives you access to a full inventory system including part numbers, item descriptions and prices.

Bonding Gets ‘Solar’
The ERITECH® brand of solar bonding lugs from Erico are supplied with the required mounting hardware and are easy to install. The stamped lug has a lay-in feature that allows the positioning of the grounding conductor along multiple frames prior to securing the wire. In addition, the same hex head power driver can be used to install the lug to the frame and secure the wire into the lug.


Transformers for the Long Term
A pair of new transformers, models 15951 and 15952, from Foster Transformer are UL- and C-UL-listed to UL 5085-3, Class 2 Transformers, and UL 1411, Transformers and Motor Transformers for use with audio-, radio and television-type appliances. In addition to fire and burglar alarms, they are ideal for intercom systems, paging systems, doorbells, HVAC applications, and more. Both transformers are intended for permanent installation and offer a variety of mounting options including clamp, conduit nipple and outlet box cover plate styles. 


PTZ Performance At Another Level
Canon’s VB-C60 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) Network Cameras feature motion detection and auto tracking which enables users to designate up to four motion-detection areas, each with varying levels of sensitivity. The VB-C60 cameras automatically pan and tilt to follow the subject’s movement following a motion event (a change in pixels). They also feature Canon Image Stabilization to keep images steady in mounting locations prone to vibration and shaking.

Bringing the Power of 10GBE
Intransa’s 10GbE technology is now available on its’ VideoAppliance product family, enabling higher speeds while allowing large, robust networks to support more connected 1GbE devices including IP cameras, access control devices, life safety systems and other physical security technologies that support 1GbE.  The addition also supports direct connection with 10 Gigabit (Gb) infrastructure and network enabled devices for maximum throughput and reduced equipment needs. 

Less Power for Longer!
Lumex´s new family of InfoVue Bi-Stable LCD displays are well suited for a wide range of indoor security applications where display information is not changed more than a few times a day. The InfoVue Bi-Stable LCD features an innovative cholesteric solution in place of the traditional twisted nematic liquid crystal solution. This feature allows the LCD to provide consistent performance with extremely low energy requirements.


In With the New, Out With the Old
Nuvico’s CB-HD21N-L and CB-HD65N-L day/night bullet cameras replace the current CB-HD21N-L(36 IR LEDs) and CB-HD65N-L(60 IR LEDs) in the mid-range and long range bullet categories. Features include a vari-focal lens with motorized ICR cut-filter coupled with 36 or 48 IR LEDs illuminating up to 100 feet and 200 feet of distance respectively and ultra high resolution 600 TV lines (B/W) during the night.

Printer Updates
Secura Key updated its entry level SK-EZ/IDKIT3 to include the new Ultra Magicard Pronto Printer. SK-EZ/ID software is designed to integrate with SK-NET™ access control software, eliminating the need to input data in two separate databases. The complete SK-EZ/IDKITs feature a Magicard printer, Webcam, cables and a YMCKO ribbon.

Ensuring Proper Badge ActivationThe Direct Thermal TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass, from Data Management Inc.’s line of Visitor Pass Solutions features a built-in security tab to ensure proper activation. After the visitor’s information is printed (or written) onto the badge, it is peeled from its liner and the tab is folded behind the badge to activate the color-changing chemistry. Overnight, a “VOID” image appears on the badge, dissuading departed visitors from trying to reuse their badge another day without authorization.

FAAST Aspirating Smoke Detection
The FAAST™ (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) detector from System Sensor features five alarm levels to provide advanced warning of smoke while virtually eliminating false alarms. An integral component of a NOTIFIER fire alarm system, it draws air samples into its sensor through a pipe network. Its dual source sensing technology uses a highly sensitive blue LED (light-emitting diode) to sense smoke, while an infrared laser quickly distinguishes other airborne particulates from smoke.

Incorporated Video SurveillanceThe DaVinci DMVA2 video processor from Texas Instruments is a megapixel IP camera SoC with smart analytics (DMVA2 SoC) that streams up to 1080p. Video surveillance and security customers can easily utilize integrated smart analytics that run on TI’s first generation vision co-processor incorporated on the DMVA2 SoC. People counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata analytics are all possible while streaming up to 1080p. 

Submetering Systems Solutions
Together, the Remote Data Logger (RDL) 8500 and accompanying TapWatch 3 software utility submetering solution from Inovonics, combine to create the latest evolution in their submetering systems. This enables users to perform site set-up, retrieve meter-reads directly from multi-family properties and quickly generate information for billing purposes. The RDL8500 sensor collects and stores all of the data and messages from a wireless submetering system while the TapWatch 3 software allows initial programming of the remote data logger and for registering RF transmitters and repeaters used in the submetering system.